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Peaches Boutique has the largest selection of colors no matter what occasion you are shopping for! We have stunning prom outfits for 2015 and formal dresses in the hottest colors like Coral, Lime, Fuchsia, Turquoise, Ombre, Orange, Yellow and Pink! Our gorgeous sequin gowns come in Gold, Silver, Red, Royal and Multi. We also carry traditional formal wear colors such as Black, Blue, Brown, Green and Purple. You won't find a bigger selection of Print dresses anywhere! We have stunning floral prints, animal prints, abstract prints and multi color prints. Our elegant Champagne, White and Ivory gowns can be used for informal wedding gowns, reception dresses or graduation dresses. No matter what color you are looking for, Peaches Boutique has the perfect Dress for you!

Looking for a different color prom dress? A mixture of greenish and blue, aqua prom gowns show both your youth and fun side. We have numerous aqua color dresses in different styles to fit your persona...moreSHOP NOW
If you are looking for a gown that is universally slimming, opt for a black dress for your senior prom or any other occasion. Black prom dresses are classic and timeless; they will never go out of sty...moreSHOP NOW
Blue prom dresses are extremely popular each year, and this 2015 prom is no exception. We offer numerous of blue prom gowns in an array of shades. Pastel blues, like sky blue and light blue, are daint...moreSHOP NOW
The color brown is a warm neutral color. It has been known to stimulate your appetite. The color brown is found in nature in both living and non-living materials. The color brown when paired with othe...moreSHOP NOW
The color coral comes from the color class of cnidarians, also called corals.The color coral is a reddish-pinkish shade of orange. The color is named after the sea animal. The complementary color of c...moreSHOP NOW
The color fuchsia is a vivid combination of red, pink and purple hues named after the flower whose color it resembles. The color fuchsia is also known as magenta. If you take the color fuchsia and mak...moreSHOP NOW
A cousin to the colors yellow, orange and brown, is gold. While green is known to be the color of money, gold is the color of wealth and riches. The color gold shares many of the attributes of the col...moreSHOP NOW
Peaches Boutique carries the best selection of green dresses in every shade from emerald green to lime green. Green is the main color associated with life and nature. The color green signifies growth,...moreSHOP NOW
The color ivory like black is extremely versatile. Ivory prom gowns are a great option if you want an ethereal look without risking looking like a bride. Ivory prom dresses look best on darker skin to...moreSHOP NOW
The color lime, traditionally known as lime-green, is a color three-fourths of the way between yellow and green on the color wheel. The color lime is named after the citrus fruit whose color it resemb...moreSHOP NOW
Color Nude has become one of the hottest colors of all time. Peaches Boutique has the best selection of Nude Prom Dresses available for 2015! Carrying over 20,000 dresses in stock you will be sure to ...moreSHOP NOW
The color orange is a warm and energetic color. Orange is a vibrant color that has been known to stimulate emotions and even your appetite. Orange is an autumn color that reprsents the change of seaso...moreSHOP NOW
The color Peach is a warm and energetic color. Peach is a vibrant color that has been known to stimulate emotions and even your appetite. The color orange is a combination of both orange and yellow hu...moreSHOP NOW
The color pink is a softer, less violent shade of red. When people think of pink, the phrase "sugar and spice and everything nice" usually comes to mind. However, over the past few years pink is becom...moreSHOP NOW
Printed Prom dresses are not only unique and original but they make for an unforgettable night. Solid colors were very popular in the past but over the past few years patterns and printed dresses have...moreSHOP NOW
The color purple is derived from mixing strong warm and cool colors giving the color a rare warm and cool property. The color purple has a special and almost sacred place in nature with lavender, orch...moreSHOP NOW
The color red is commonly used to grab attention and get people to take action. Red dresses will help you make a lasting impression at any event. The color red is a hot, strong color that generates nu...moreSHOP NOW
The color silver is named after the precious metal whose color it resembles. It is a shiny color similar to gray, but more lively and playful. While gold is a warm metal color, silver is just the oppo...moreSHOP NOW
The color turquoise is a blend of the colors blue and green. The color turquoise also shares the same calming attributes of both blue and green. The lighter shades of turquoise have a sweet feminine ...moreSHOP NOW
The color white is known for its purity, cleanliness and innocence. In most Western countries the color white is used for brides on their wedding day. In Eastern countries the color white is used for ...moreSHOP NOW
Yellow is a warm, joyful, inviting color. Yellow prom gowns are unique in which not everyone can pull it off. We showcase a variety of yellow prom dresses in different styles and hues whether you are ...moreSHOP NOW