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Peaches Boutique has the largest selection of colors no matter what occasion you are shopping for! We have stunning prom outfits for 2016 and formal dresses in the hottest colors like Coral, Lime, Fuchsia, Turquoise, Ombre, Orange, Yellow and Pink! Our gorgeous sequin gowns come in Gold, Silver, Red, Royal and Multi. We also carry traditional formal wear colors such as Black, Blue, Brown, Green and Purple. You won't find a bigger selection of Print dresses anywhere! We have stunning floral prints, animal prints, abstract prints and multi color prints. Our elegant Champagne, White and Ivory gowns can be used for informal wedding gowns, reception dresses or graduation dresses. No matter what color you are looking for, Peaches Boutique has the perfect Dress for you!

Looking for a different color prom dress? A mixture of greenish and blue, aqua prom gowns show both your youth and fun side. We have numerous aqua color dresses in different styles to fit your persona...moreSHOP NOW
If you are looking for a gown that is universally slimming, opt for a black dress for your senior prom or any other occasion. Black prom dresses are classic and timeless; they will never go out of sty...moreSHOP NOW
Blue prom dresses are extremely popular each year, and this 2016 prom is no exception. We offer numerous of blue prom gowns in an array of shades. Pastel blues, like sky blue and light blue, are daint...moreSHOP NOW
Brown prom dresses are a great alternative if you want to shy away from black gowns. We offer several brown prom gowns in different styles and silhouettes that will fit your persona. Opt for a fully s...moreSHOP NOW
Coral, mixtures of red and pinkish shades of orange, is a very popular color for prom dresses; coral prom gowns are super flattering on practically all skin tones. Peaches Boutique has a wide range of...moreSHOP NOW
The color fuchsia is a vivid combination of red, pink, and purple hues named after the flower whose color it resembles. Commonly referred to as magenta, fuchsia prom dresses are all the rage for 2016....moreSHOP NOW
Shine the night away with our stunning gold prom dresses that assure you have both an entrance and an exit. Gold colored gowns make a statement without trying; choose from fully sequined gold full len...moreSHOP NOW
Green is a very flattering color that compliments all skin tones; we offer a huge selection of green prom gowns from pastel hues to rich jewel tones. Opt for light green hues like mints and sea foam ...moreSHOP NOW
The color ivory like black is extremely versatile. Ivory prom gowns are a great option if you want an ethereal look without risking looking like a bride. Ivory prom dresses look best on darker skin to...moreSHOP NOW
A lime or lime-green prom dress is sure to have you noticed and looks great on both light and darker skin tones. We showcase a vast selection of lime prom gowns that will suit your own personality; wh...moreSHOP NOW
Featuring a large seclection of navy dresses only at Peaches Boutique. You will be sure to find the perfect dress for your occasion today! Browse at our online site and shop by color, it will show you...moreSHOP NOW
Nude prom dresses are here to stay: seemingly popular in any silhouette, nude prom dresses will never go out of style. We carry a large selection of nude color prom gowns that will have you noticed at...moreSHOP NOW
Orange prom dresses have been growing with popularity throughout the past couple years. We offer a wide selection of orange prom gowns in both long and short silhouettes. Choose from different shades ...moreSHOP NOW
A warm but energetic color, peach prom dresses has become a part of the neutral color family. Browse through and find the perfect peach prom gown that suits you best. Whether you want to accentuate y...moreSHOP NOW
Pink prom dresses not only exude a girly appeal but offers both a soft and radiant look to any type of gown. Pastel pink prom dresses also commonly referred to as blush, portrays an over all dainty an...moreSHOP NOW
One of the biggest trends this 2016 prom season is one-of-a-kind print prom dresses. From long silhouettes to miniature mini dresses, we offer a huge selection of multi-print prom gowns. Whether you a...moreSHOP NOW
We offer a grand collection of stunning purple prom gowns in both short and long silhouettes. From lovely soft pastels like lilac and lavender, to rich purple deep tones, to the fabulously popular per...moreSHOP NOW
Never go wrong with the perfect red prom dress. Red prom gowns are extremely popular each year and look great on any skin tone. Red dresses are both eye-catching and exceptionally feminine no matter t...moreSHOP NOW
Glimmer from all angles in a stunning silver prom dress. Silver prom gowns not only instantly give you a red carpet look, the metallic hue allows you to accessorize without clashing with your jewelr...moreSHOP NOW
Check out our fabulous turquoise prom dresses! Peaches Boutique features an array of turquoise prom designs and styles to choose from. Opt for a fully lace one shoulder turquoise dress for a more femi...moreSHOP NOW
White color gowns traditionally are great for wedding receptions or bridal parties, but also make for stunning prom dresses; white prom dresses allow you to display many different looks. We offer an a...moreSHOP NOW
Yellow is a warm, joyful, inviting color. Yellow prom gowns are unique in which not everyone can pull it off. We showcase a variety of yellow prom dresses in different styles and hues whether you are ...moreSHOP NOW