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2015 Pink Prom Dresses and Gowns

The color pink is a softer, less violent shade of red. When people think of pink, the phrase "sugar and spice and everything nice" usually comes to mind. However, over the past few years pink is becoming a common color in mens attire. You can use hot pink tones to convey playfulness and softer, pastel pink shades to convey tenderness. Combining pink with purples or other pastels creates a softer more feminine pallete. While darker shades of pink, purple and burgundy give the connotation of strength. Peaches Boutique has gorgeous Pink 2015 Prom Dresses!

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Jovani Cocktail 98768.  Available in Ivory, Pink
Jovani Cocktail 99074.  Available in Black, Blush, Navy, Red
Jovani Cocktail 20440.  Available in Blush
Jovani 99489.  Available in Blush, Gunmetal, Navy
Jovani 20018.  Available in Black, Blush, Purple, White
Tiffany 61138.  Available in Pink, Teal
Tiffany 61134.  Available in Hot Pink, White
Tiffany 61132.  Available in Baby Pink, Turquoise
Tiffany 61128.  Available in Lime, Pink, Violet
Tiffany 61126.  Available in Champagne, Pink
Tiffany 16108.  Available in Bright Pink, Bright Turquoise, White
Tiffany 16106.  Available in Flamingo, Mint, White
Tiffany 16079.  Available in Pink, Turquoise
Panoply 44258.  Available in Black/Nude, Pink/Nude
Panoply 14709.  Available in Bubble Gum/Nude, Teal/Nude, White/Nude
Panoply 14707.  Available in Hot Pink, Turquoise
Panoply 14706.  Available in Mint, Pink
Panoply 14680.  Available in Aqua/Nude, Pink/Nude
Panoply 14679.  Available in Mint/Black, Pink/Black
Panoply 14674.  Available in Peacock, Shocking Pink
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