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White Dresses

The color white, like black goes well with almost any color. It is known for its purity, cleanliness and innocence. In most Western countries the color white is used for brides. In Eastern countries the color white is used for  mourning and funerals. A Red, White and Blue combinations creates a patriotic palette. When white is mixed with light or pastel tones it exudes a soft spring-like palette. When white is mixed with colors such as red, blue and green it makes the colors appear brighter and more prominent. Shop today for your white Prom Dress!

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Rachel Allan 6640.  Available in Deep Turquoise/Nude, Red/Nude, White/Nude
Sherri Hill Short 21258.  Available in Red/Black, White/Black
Sherri Hill 11154.  Available in Black/Nude, Red/Nude, White/Blue, White/Green, White/Nude, White/Pink
Sherri Hill 11086.  Available in Coral, Emerald, Purple, White
Sherri Hill Short 4302.  Available in White
Tiffany 61136.  Available in Navy, White
Tiffany 16111.  Available in Red/Red, Teal/Black, White/Sky Blue
Tiffany 16095.  Available in Black/Nude, Coral/Nude, White/Nude
Panoply 44263.  Available in Champagne Blush, White
Panoply 14684.  Available in Aqua/Nude, White/Nude
Panoply 44248.  Available in Nude/Nude, White/Nude
Panoply 44244.  Available in Coral/Nude, White/Nude
Panoply 14660.  Available in Coral/Silver, Sky Blue/Silver, White/Silver
Hannah S 27970.  Available in White/Black, White/White
Hannah S 27905.  Available in Mint, White
Rachel Allan 6889.  Available in Jade, Sky Blue, Soft Coral, White
Rachel Allan 6868.  Available in White/Red, White/Royal
Rachel Allan 6861.  Available in Aqua Green/Nude, White/Pink, White/Sky Blue
Rachel Allan 6953.  Available in Black, Purple, White
Rachel Allan 6939.  Available in Aqua, White
Rachel Allan 6935.  Available in White/Pink, White/Turquoise
Rachel Allan 6926.  Available in Aqua, Coral, White
Rachel Allan 6867.  Available in Black, Royal, White
Rachel Allan 6860.  Available in Coral, Red, White, Yellow
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