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Founded in 1980, Jovani is a family owned fashion house that designs and manufactures women's evening attire. Jovani Designs are inspired by the high-fashion scene in Europe. They cater to over 3,000 stores worldwide. Their designs have been seen on A-List celebrities as well as the covers of high fashion magazines. Order your fabulous Jovani Prom Dress today and be Red Carpet ready for Prom 2015.

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Jovani 20801.  Available in Nude/Black, Off White
Jovani 80862.  Available in Mint, Navy, Yellow
Jovani 22236.  Available in Mint, Royal, White
Jovani 93138.  Available in Black/Nude, Blush/Nude, Red/Nude
Jovani 22884.  Available in Black, Navy, Off White, Red
Jovani 22767.  Available in Black, Nude, White
Jovani 99166.  Available in Fuchsia/Nude, Lavender/Nude
Jovani 20565.  Available in Champagne
Jovani 99489.  Available in Blush, Gunmetal, Navy
Jovani 79213.  Available in Black/Nude, Blush/Nude, Mint, Red/Nude, Royal/Nude, Turquoise/Nude, White
Jovani 93181.  Available in Teal/Nude
Jovani 79108.  Available in Black, Blush, Navy, Red, White
Jovani 93434.  Available in Charcoal, Mint
Jovani 92081.  Available in Blush, Navy
Jovani 20427.  Available in Lilac, Pale Blue, Red
Jovani 88250.  Available in Aqua/Nude, Black/Nude, Light Orange, Nude/Nude, White/Nude
Jovani 93137.  Available in Black/Nude
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