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Sherri Hill Short Prom Dresses

If the event you are going to requires a short, yet formal gown, Sherri Hill Short has exactly what you need. These Sherri Hill Short are perfect for the woman who wants to look classic and elegant but with a touch of sass. Sherri Hill has also defined her cinematic and television fashion sense of style through her work and design collaborations with some of today's most influential movie and television stylists.Sherri Hill Short dresses make perfect homecoming dresses, prom dresses 2015 or dresses for other formal occasions.

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Sherri Hill Short 11174.  Available in Aqua/Nude, Coral/Nude, Ivory/Nude
Sherri Hill Short 32055.  Available in Black, Coral, Red
Sherri Hill Short 32053.  Available in Black/Gunmetal, Nude/Gunmetal, Nude/Navy, Purple/Gunmetal
Sherri Hill Short 32048.  Available in Black, Blue, Coral, Emerald, Fuchsia, Ivory, Light Green, Lilac, Navy, Periwinkle, Red
Sherri Hill Short 32047.  Available in Black, Red
Sherri Hill Short 32040.  Available in Black/Emerald
Sherri Hill Short 21258.  Available in Red/Black, White/Black
Sherri Hill Short 11171.  Available in Aqua/Nude, Black/Nude, Coral/Nude, Emerald/Nude, Ivory/Nude, Navy/Nude, Nude/Nude, Periwinkle/Nude, Pink/Nude, Red/Nude, Royal/Nude, Silver/Nude
Sherri Hill Short 11167.  Available in Black/Emerald
Sherri Hill Short 11156.  Available in Black/Multi, Ivory/Multi, Red/Multi, Royal/Multi
Sherri Hill Short 11153.  Available in Coral/Nude, Light Blue/Nude, Red/Nude
Sherri Hill Short 9703.  Available in Emerald, Gold, Purple, Red, Royal
Sherri Hill Short 4331.  Available in Black/Nude, Ivory/Nude
Sherri Hill Short 4302.  Available in White
Sherri Hill Short 1934.  Available in Black, Black/White, Blush, Jade, Nude, Periwinkle, Pink, Royal, Ruby, Teal
Sherri Hill Short 1931.  Available in Black/Gunmetal, Royal/Gunmetal, Ruby/Gunmetal, Teal/Gunmetal
Sherri Hill Short 1930.  Available in Black/Gunmetal, Royal/Gunmetal, Ruby/Gunmetal, Teal/Gunmetal
Sherri Hill Short 1929.  Available in Black, Jade, Navy, Periwinkle, Royal, Ruby, Strawberry, Teal
Sherri Hill Short 1928.  Available in Black, Jade, Light Green, Navy, Periwinkle, Ruby, Teal
Sherri Hill Short 1920.  Available in Blue, Light Green, Nude, Peach, Periwinkle, Pink, Red, White, Yellow
Sherri Hill Short 32145.  Available in Black/Fuchsia
Sherri Hill Short 11216.  Available in Ivory/Aqua
Sherri Hill Short 11191.  Available in Fuchsia/Silver, Green/Silver, Ivory/Silver, Pink/Silver, Turq/Silver
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