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Tarik Ediz Prom Dresses

2015 Prom Dresses from the Tarik Ediz Collection are hotter than ever! Whether you are looking for a mermaid gown, fitted dress, or a sexy short dress, Tarik Ediz has a dress for you! Peaches Boutique carries 10,000 dresses in stock, including Night Moves. Shop in-store or online and receive Free Shipping and No Tax!

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Tarik Ediz 92519.  Available in Navy, Red
Tarik Ediz 92518.  Available in Black, Indigo
Tarik Ediz 92503.  Available in Dark Red, Salmon
Tarik Ediz 92456.  Available in Black, Cream, Pink, Red
Tarik Ediz 92451.  Available in Fuchsia, Indigo, Mint, Salmon, Yellow
Tarik Ediz 90418.  Available in Black
Tarik Ediz 90413.  Available in Black
Tarik Ediz 90412.  Available in Black, Red
Tarik Ediz 90409.  Available in Coral, Cream, Yellow
Tarik Ediz 90408.  Available in Black, Cream, Red
Tarik Ediz 90407.  Available in Blue, Pink, Red
Tarik Ediz 90406.  Available in Black, Golden, Silver
Tarik Ediz 90405.  Available in Black, Ivory, Red
Tarik Ediz 90404.  Available in Black, Plum, Red
Tarik Ediz 90403.  Available in Black, Cream, Sax
Tarik Ediz 90402.  Available in Black, Cream, Solmon
Tarik Ediz 92517.  Available in Lilac, Salmon, Yellow
Tarik Ediz 92516.  Available in Black, Plum, Stone
Tarik Ediz 92515.  Available in Black, Cream, Powder
Tarik Ediz 92514.  Available in Black, Red
Tarik Ediz 92511.  Available in Fuchsia, Green, Sax
Tarik Ediz 92509.  Available in Navy, Red
Tarik Ediz 92507.  Available in Black, Dark Red
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