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Unique Prom Dresses for 2015

At Peaches Boutique, we understand that you want to leave a lasting impression, and that is why we carry unique prom dresses for this year's prom 2015.  You can browse for prom dresses here, or shop by prom dress designers. Be sure to match your peaches boutique dresses with a pair of prom shoes or heels.

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MacDuggal 85364R.  Available in Black
MacDuggal 85351R.  Available in Black, Ivory
MacDuggal 82152R.  Available in Black
MacDuggal 81902R.  Available in Black/Nude, Ivory/Nude, Nude/Silver
MacDuggal 81900R.  Available in Black/Silver, Nude/Silver, Red/Nude
MacDuggal 78703R.  Available in Black/Nude
MacDuggal 76414R.  Available in Black/Nude
MacDuggal 61993R.  Available in Nude/Black
MacDuggal 61844R.  Available in Emerald/Nude
MacDuggal 61795R.  Available in Black, Red
MacDuggal 61701R.  Available in Black/Nude, Red/Nude, Sapphire
MacDuggal 50187R.  Available in Black/Nude, Navy/Nude
MacDuggal 48184R.  Available in Black, Champagne
MacDuggal 48134R.  Available in Black
MacDuggal 4056R.  Available in Black, Midnight
MacDuggal 61799R.  Available in Black/White, Nude/Black
MacDuggal 82066M.  Available in Black, Charcoal, Cobalt, Fuchsia, Red
MacDuggal 81901R.  Available in Black/Silver, Red
MacDuggal 81719M.  Available in Black/Nude, Hot Pink, Ivory, Midnight
MacDuggal 78437M.  Available in Ice Blue, Ice Pink, Key Lime, Lilac, Magenta, Mocha, Ocean
MacDuggal 61842R.  Available in Fresh Blue, Red/Nude
MacDuggal 61368M.  Available in Aqua, Ice Pink, Ivory, Royal
MacDuggal 61041R.  Available in Aqua/Nude, Black/Nude, Blush/Ivory, Emerald/Nude, Ivory/Nude, Lemon, Red/Nude, Sapphire
MacDuggal 1903M.  Available in Black, Ice Pink, Ivory
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