Knock-off Prom Dresses: The Online Shopping Scam That Can Ruin Your Formal

November 5,2015

infographic about knock-off prom dresses


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Knock-off Prom Dresses: The Online Shopping Scam That Can Ruin Your Formal

Knock-off fashion has been around for years, resulting in countless unauthorized designer bags, shoes, and clothes. While it may be difficult to tell the difference, most knock-offs are made with flimsy materials and cheap fabric. How can I tell if I purchased a knock-off prom dress?

Check out the side-by-side comparisons of a legitimate boutique prom dress and its fake counterpart.

Jovani Design Prom Dress vs. Jovani Knock-off Prom Dress (seen in first set of images)

Designed by Jovani, this dress features a fitted bodice with delicate beading and transparent material that complements the corset’s boning structure. The cream colored tulle creates a fit and flare look that will appeal to your glam side.

As seen in the first set of images, there is a knock-off version of this Jovani mermaid dress. You can see a slight resemblance, but from closer inspection, the fit, beading, tulle layers, and dye don’t give it a seamless look like the original.

Actual Jovani’s Beading vs. Knock-off Dress Beading

In this close-up, the spacing between the beads strategically creates the eye-catching transparency seen in the middle of the bodice. Plus, the pairing of sequins and beads adds a rainbow shimmer that makes the beige dress pop.

The sparse beading across the bodice reveals sloppy, zig-zag stitching that looks cheap and adds too much transparency near the sweetheart cut in the front (seen below).

Actual Jovani’s Front Bodice vs. Knock-off Front Bodice

Jovani’s full bodice has shaping properties similar to a corset. It’s important to have flexible, yet firm boning because it supports the curves and keeps the fabric from bunching.

The knock-off dress uses flimsy corsetry design in the bodice. From top to bottom, the boning’s straight lining creates a box-like shape for the upper body.

Actual Jovani’s Back Bodice vs. Knock-off Back Bodice

Below the waistline, Jovani designers decorate the dress with sequins that accentuate the hip lines and make a seamless transition from fit to flare.

Similar to the front, the sloppy stitching and bulky zipper in the back make it difficult for the material to cling to the hips and buttocks area.

Actual Jovani’s Fit and Flare Tulle vs. Knock-off Fit and Flare Tulle

Jovani uses tulle as an accent piece that creates the mermaid flare. With the sequins overlapping the tulle, we get a dress that lays beautiful from top to bottom.

On the knock-off, the tulle doesn’t drape down the center. And the sequins missing across the tulle makes the design fall flat.

How Do You Avoid Online Knock-off Prom Dresses?

This side-by-side comparison goes to show that professional designers utilize quality fabric and understand how each of these materials play their part in the dress-making process. To avoid a scam, remember these tips the next time you shop online for a prom dress:

  • Visit official designer dress sites to get a list of authorized online and brick and mortar prom dress shops.
  • Compare dress prices. If a designer dress is being sold at a discounted price, do some research to ensure you aren’t buying a knock-off.
  • Look for contact information. If the site doesn’t list a company email, phone, or address, this could be a red flag for knock-off prom dresses.

Freshman Survival Guide to Homecoming

September 25,2015




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Homecoming is one of the most exciting events of the school year. Starting in October, local high schools will be launching parades, pep rallies, and spirit celebrations in preparation of their homecoming football game, topping the week off with an incredibly memorable dance.

Sometimes, school events like these can inspire a bit of anxiety. We totally understand! While the homecoming dance is a very special night, it is no reason to put pressure on yourself. Your hair, makeup, and outfit don’t need to be too extravagant. Homecoming is about feeling cute, comfortable, and having a good time. Don’t worry – you’ll still have prom one day if you want to go all out.

With Peaches’ guide below, we hope you can gather some tips that may be valuable in preparation of the Homecoming dance. Have fun!

Homecoming Dress Shopping

Dress and shoe shopping is two things–fun and overwhelming. There are so many designs, patterns, and colors to choose from, but all that tulle and sparkles can send you into a tailspin. Since homecoming isn’t as formal as your first prom, keep these in mind for a less stressful day of shopping.

  1. More often we see girls choosing strapless homecoming dresses. But be careful that it fits your upper frame, otherwise, you will be adjusting your dress all night.
  2. Pick a length and cut that’s comfortable to dance and move in. A classy and short dress that falls just above the knees is formal enough & fun.
  3. If you wear high heels, choose a shoe with a thicker heel and sole. This offsets the pressure when dancing, if you prefer not to get your dance on.

Or bring backups like:

  • Flats
  • Sneakers
  • Kitten heels

Date or No Date?

Whether you are asking, getting asked, or avoiding both, there are benefits to whichever one you choose! Let’s list them.

  • Don’t have a date:

You have the option to go with your single girl friends or a platonic guy friend. Then you don’t have to worry about awkward conversation or sweaty palms while dancing.

  • Asked or got asked:

Ask your date if they want to find a group of couples to go to dinner with, take pictures together, and hang at the dance. There is less pressure on you, and when you want to split from the group, you won’t upset anyone.

Date or no date–it’ll be fun either way!

Homecoming Beauty Prep 101

A girl’s worst nightmare is to find herself stuck with a bad hairdo, orange spray tan, or raccoon eyes (dark eyeshadow isn’t for everyone) right before the night’s festivities. So follow these sweet and simple tips to avoid a beauty blunder!

  1. Test your makeup before the night of the dance. You don’t want any last minute mishaps!
  2. Schedule your hair appointment at least a month in advance. You don’t want to be competing for a stylist the week before homecoming.

Tip: If you pick an intricate hair style, ask your hairstylist if they can do a style test-run the week before.

  1. To keep manicured nails chip free for the big night:
    • Don’t immerse hands in water for too long after getting your nails done
    • Moisturize your nails and cuticles every night
    • Be super careful during sport games and P.E.

Tip: If the end of a nail chips, apply each tip with glitter polish for a glitzy coverup, just make sure it matches your dress.

The Night of the Dance

You got your dress, hairstyle, and makeup in check! To keep the night running smoothly without any snags, we have a few last-minute reminders for your first homecoming dance.

  1. Get to your dinner reservation on time. Being more than 10 minutes late can result in you losing the table.
  2. If someone from your group has a license and is hauling everyone to the dance, don’t be “fashionably late.” Chances are the high school parking lot is going to have limited parking spaces.
  3. Instead of waiting in line for pictures, claim a table. Don’t worry, the line will die down in time for your photo-op! Plus, you want somewhere to sit when the Homecoming King & Queen are crowned!
  4. And last, but most important, know the latest dance crazes, and we aren’t talking about the Cupid Shuffle. And we bet you know these songs!
  • Shmoney Dance
  • Do Yu Gudda
  • Watch Me (Whip/Nae Nae)
  • Finna Get Loose

The Perfect Pairing of Beauty Trends for 2015

August 25,2015

Rainbow Hair and Ombré Nails


From split dyes to color-blocked hair, this year of hair trends is anything but boring. In fact, these girls are quite daring, and we love it! And for 2015, it’s pretty obvious which color styling has fascinated the most adventurous fashionistas, hair stylists, and celebs—it’s rainbow hair. In terms of technique, rainbow hair can have the color consistency of sand art, which is why some people also call it “sand art hair”. Or you see people who sport one bright color, like bubblegum pink!


This captivation with color blending has also trickled into other areas of fashion—clothing and nail art. We can see why. Multi-color and monochromatic layering techniques are an attractive and eye-catching feature. That’s why we thought it would be fun to pair some of these newer hair color trends (some using an ombré shading technique) with an old-fashioned ombré nail (courtesy of Pinterest and its fabulous pinners!).


Color Trend 1: Pink Colorombré



When you are dealing with dye, it’s important to know blondes got it best. Why? For brunettes and redheads, achieving a pink dye, or incorporating any other bright color, usually requires bleaching. If you want to sport an awesome dye job (like the ones seen above), you have to condition your hair over time to properly blend and hold the colors.


By blending pink into your hair, you can also play around with natural blonde and tints of orange and purple (as seen above).


For your nails:


A pale pink-blue ombré nail would work well (picture #2), but you can also switch it up with a creamsicle orange and pink—best used if you are working with natural blonde locks.


Quick tip: To create an ombré nail, it’s easier to stick with one color. Birchbox wrote an article on how to use one nail polish to create an ombre nail look.



Color Trend 2: Blue Colorombré




Ice blue and sea foam green have been popular colors for the past two years (see more Pinterest inspirations here). It is a versatile color, but people with fairer skin tones seem to pull it off best.


For your nails:


Choose an ombré nail that relies heavily on blue, but make sure it matches with at least one blue shade found in your hair. Starting at the cuticle, use a lighter variation of the blue polish and work your way down to a darker shade at the nail’s top. You can also start with white or pink and then blend (picture #1).


Color Trend 3: Cotton Candy Swirl




Who doesn’t love cotton candy? Even the cotton candy ice cream is one of our favorite summer treats!
Well, in our opinion, this delicious swirl of pink, blue, and purple hair could work for any season.


For your nails:


Pastel colors are easy to work with. You can mix and match pastel purple and blue (picture #2), or you can choose to use all three and alternate the pattern (picture #1).


Color Trend 4: Full-On Rainbow



In a hair color guide posted back in 2014, Glam4Good stated, “Stick to one shade of color. If you want to get creative and dye your hair two different colors, be sure the colors blend well together — such as blue and purple or blue and pink. Don’t go for more than two colors.”


Can’t decide between two colors? Who cares! Choose them all. That’s what many girls are doing, and to be honest, it looks pretty awesome. However, when dabbling with full-on rainbow hair color, use deep reds and purples in moderation because they always overpower the others.


For your nails:

If your strands are all colors of the rainbow, it won’t be difficult to find a cool ombré nail to coordinate with it. Our advice, go for some daring colors—like purple and red ombre nail (picture #2). You can try a rainbow-style nail (picture #1), but that might be overkill.


Looking at these pictures and so many others on Pinterest, we can imagine how awesome this full-on rainbow hair and other color trends would look with one of our multi-color layered and ombré prom dresses, like these:


                       pic9   pic10         pic7




How was your Prom Quiz?

June 23,2015


The Peaches Boutique Story

April 17,2015



Peaches Boutique came from a small shop back in 1984. They started selling women’s designer clothing located in Chicago. By the Mid 90’s they focused only on gorgeous designer dresses.

Today that little shop has grown into a 20,000 sq. ft., who stocks over 20,000 dresses. Peaches Boutique has been in business for over 30 years.  You are able to shop online or in the store for your Prom or homecoming dresses. Make sure you register the day that you would be trying on dresses make sure you include the occasion you are attending if you are attending our Chicago store.

When you are at the store you are giving a fitting room number. When you have selected your first dress you can register on the computers if you have not already done so. The reason we ask you to register is so we can check the dresses for your event since we do not sell the same dress to the same event in the same color.   Once they call your number you will go to the fitting room and find your dream dress.

However… If you are not in the area do not worry, our online site is just like visiting our store. You can start but using our find the perfect dress feature, that way you can narrow your choices down on what you are looking for. It can be hard finding your dream dress since we have over 100,000 different styles to choose from. This is why we created our Search feature named find the perfect dress. This is how you can narrow down your choices. After you have found your dream dress add it to your cart or call them at 877-97-dress.

You will have your dress in no time. Whether you are searching for a curve hugging mermaid dress, an elegant A-Line style, or a Cinderella Style ball gown, we’ll find the perfect dress for you!




Why is Everyone Searching for Vintage Prom Dresses this Prom Season?

April 16,2015


Which was the first thing that caught your attention when you landed on this page? Was it the stylish, 60’s-inspired vintage dresses? Or perhaps the characters from Mad Men, the wildly popular show on AMC, which returned for the second half of its seventh (and final) season on April 5th? The producers of Mad Man, as well as other similar shows, pay very close attention to details when creating the Hollywood set and costume designs—from Don Draper’s 1964 Chrysler Imperial Convertible to Megan Draper’s classic shoulder-duster earrings. However, getting these details right is only half the battle if you want to stir a cultural revolution.


Period piece TV shows and films, whose action takes place at a different time to when they were initially broadcast, have been around for decades. Even though they all feature massive budgets, a vast array of Hollywood stars and intricate costumes designs, the opulent styles of the 19th century are still not making a comeback. Take actress Keira Knightly, for instance—she has starred in numerous big-budget period piece films, yet girls are not particularly keen on reinstating the Victorian era-style evening hats as a fashion statement.



We know that it takes more than extravagant designs and classic style icons to move fashion in a particular direction, but what is the piece that we might be missing? To find out, we started by examining what girls are looking for when they are visiting Peaches Boutique for vintage apparel.


As it turns out, “vintage” is simply considered an ambiguous word used to describe a variety of fashion styles in different eras of the twentieth century. The term “vintage dresses” or “retro dresses” can be used to describe everything from a 1960’s two-piece print dress to a classic 1920’s-inspired fitted sequin gown. Mad Men might have paved the way for this new trend of fashion-defining entertainment, but it isn’t the end-all be-all for recurrent fashion.

The awareness for vintage style has increased significantly since the early 1990s, due to its popularity among celebrities and models such as: Kate Moss, Chloë Sevigny, Julia Roberts, etc. More recently, period pieces such as Downton Abbey, gained popularity as its mid-20th century sets and costumes were hugely inspired by the vintage phenomenon.

Over the past decades, fashion designers have constantly looked at previous eras for inspiration, and their iconic garments have been established as significant milestones throughout fashion history. Paul Poiret, Elsa Schiaparelli, Madeleine Vionnet, Jeanne Lanvin, Christian Dior, Hubert de Givenchy, Yves Saint Laurent and Coco Chanel are only a few of the noteworthy fashion designers who have universalized the vintage-inspired style of the 20th century.

Whether we are influenced by mid-20th century productions like Mad Men, or early-20th century TV shows and films like Downton Abbey and The Great Gatsby, it goes without saying that their extravagant sets and costumes have a significant impact on fashion trends. These 20th century styles represent a balance of classy and sexy, while styles previous to this time are considered too conservative and/or too extravagant to be either.


Productions that pay homage to trends of the 20th century typically see massive success from the moment they are released, and their characters become trendsetters and fashion influencers soon after. As it turns out, their audiences are strongly inspired by their favorite characters’ costumes, and do not miss a chance to recreate the sophisticated atmosphere depicted in the shows.

Do you think girls would be persistently pursuing 60’s-inspired prom dresses and accessories if Mad Men was not a success? That depends:  Do you think that girls in the 90’s would have sported layered haircuts if it were not for Rachel Green, Jennifer Aniston’s iconic character in the TV series Friends?

Peaches Boutique sells a wide variety of vintage look alike prom dresses. Check out some of our most popular styles below:

Mad Men Vintage Look Alike Dresses:


















Great Gatsby Vintage Look Alike Dresses:






Counterfeit Dresses

March 26,2015

If it’s too good to be true chances are it’s not true.



Help us stop the Counterfeit websites from selling knock off dresses by reporting them.  Knock off dresses are created and sold with the intent to defraud customers.  Every year we get hundreds of young girls who have been lied to and cheated by a fraudulent online retailer, selling them poorly made dresses.  These websites illegally take an Image from the designer or a designer’s retailer web page and sell poorly made prom dresses in sweat shops using child labor in china. If you see a dress for 500$ in a couple of stores and see it online for 250$ chances are you are not getting the designers dress. It has become more and more frequent for young girls to buy their prom dress from these counterfeit online websites.


Few examples of Counterfeit dresses


 Peaches Boutique offers you the following tips:

  • Website use images of authentic designer dresses to insure unexpecting buyers for that deep discount
  • The “contact us” page should provide a phone number and address (preferably within the US) not just an email, for customer service.
  • The designer makes the dress in certain amount of colors and the less expensive website can make it in 20
  • The counterfeit web site can make the dress exactly to the measurements you desire.
  • Designer’s do not make custom fit dresses
  • The dress is being shipped out from china not from the US (designers are based in the US)

Classy Terani Dress P1575

Designers dress on the left /counterfeit dress on the right


How to find authorized dealers?



Find the designers website and utilize the “Store Location” for a list of retailers authorized to sell the dresses. If the web site store is not listed, then beware that they are not selling true designer gowns.

Prom Stats

March 13,2015


Prom night is almost here for many high school students. As it gets closer and closer to prom our boutique is getting busier and busier. Just take a look at the line from last Saturday on our Instagram page if you haven’t already! Girls everyone is coming in to make their most important purchases for their prom. What are those top expenses for prom? The dress and accessories of course! You can’t go to prom without them! This chart gives us a great idea of how girls on average spend their prom budget. On average girls are spending a little over $400 dollars on their prom dresses and around $100-120 on shoes and accessories. They are also spending about $105-115 hair and makeup and around $55, without tip, on manicures and pedicures. Prom tickets can really vary depending on prom location. On average it seems to be around $30-90 per ticket. Most prom goers will go with a group and pitch in an equal amount for their cost of transportation. The price will depend on how many people are in your group, how many hours the limo is reserved for and the type of limo.

Overall most prom goers are spending a pretty penny for their prom. However prom is an amazing experience and for the most part this will be the only other time besides your wedding day where you will be able to go all out. Live it up but also keep in mind there are always ways to be a smart shopper. Look for deals on accessories and beauty services. Most salons have great packages for prom to choose from. We can’t wait to see our lovely customers looking glamourous from head to toe in their prom dresses from Peaches Boutique. Be sure to send us your prom pictures and we will share them on our social media pages!


prom stats

Oscars Red Carpet Look

February 27,2015

Alright ladies! Who watched the Oscars this year? I can’t lie, I did not watch the Oscars, however, I did make sure I saw who wore what on the red carpet! I must say there were some truly opulent styles strutting down the red carpet this year. For prom goers, the Oscars come at just the right time. What a perfect way to get some fashion inspiration before heading to Peaches Boutique and finding that perfect dress for your 2015 prom! I am going to share some of my personal favorite red carpet styles and show you a few red carpet worthy gowns that you could wear to your prom this year.

This year red carpet host Giuliani Rancic wore not 1 but 2 stunning gowns. Rancic looked ravishing in both gowns however the long sleeve gown she wore looked absolutely phenomenal. If you want to steal this glamorous long sleeved look we have a dress that can help you do just that.

Take a look at MacDuggal dress style 62062M. This gown is a lovely lace detailed long sleeve gown that gives off the look of luxury. This gown showcases a high illusion neckline and illusion long sleeves which are adorned with just the right amount of scattered lace applique. The back of the dress is exposed which gives this dress the perfect combination of sophisticated and sexy. We love this gown in Ivory/Nude however this dress also comes in Red and Aqua/Nude. You can not go wrong with wearing this lavish lace gown by MacDuggal.


Another favorite was Gwyneth Paltrow’s gorgeous one sleeve gown. I think this dress was one of my favorite styles because of the color. The blush color of her dress reminds my of my favorite season, spring! Here is a dress by Shail K that gives off that same look. Shail K dress style 3920 is a gorgeous jersey material gown which features a V-cut neckline, long sleeves, and a thigh high slit. This gorgeous pale pink dress gives off such a soft and dainty look that embraces a sweet feminine style. The back of the dress adds just the right amount of sexy edginess as it features a stunning cowl back with a beaded back strap. Shail K dress style 3920 would make an alluring dress style for this years 2015 senior prom.

2nd dress

Who doesn’t love a fitted red dress? Better yet, a lacy fitted red dress! Rosamund Pike wore an absolutely stunning red gown to the Oscars. If you really want to stand out from the crowd in a striking red dress that is similar to the one that red carpet star Rosamund wore, here is a great option! Check out this gorgeous Milano Formals dress style E1754. This Milano Formals dress is a captivating red strapless gown made of lace applique and tulle. This lacy gown hugs your curves at just the right places to give your that desired hourglass figure. Compared to Rosamund’s red dress this gown does not have a slit, but it does have a sheer tulle skirt. We love this fashion forward trend as it is a new take on a slinky touch to a skirt other than the typical thigh high slit. You can not go wrong with this sensational style!


Wear any of the fabulous choices above and we know you will look and feel red carpet ready! What were your favorite red carpet looks this year from the Oscars? We can help you find styles similar to those here at Peaches Boutique!

Fashion Week Flashback

February 19,2015

     It’s that time of the year. The 2015  Mercedes-Benz New York Fashion Week is finally here! This week brings one of the most anticipated events of the year for everyone in the fashion industry. Fashion shows take place in New York, Australia, Miami, Berlin and Istanbul at this time. New York Fashion week in specific is close to our hearts because one of our designer favorites, Sherri Hill, will be showcasing her highly anticipated Fall 2015 collection. In past years, Sherri Hill has had famous faces such as Kendall and Kylie Jenner, Sadie Robertson, and even former Miss Universe beauty Queens help debut her collections by walking the runway during fashion week. We are so excited to see what this year’s 2015 Fall Line has to bring and the trends that will be coming our way for the up coming season! 
     There are so many trends that Sherri Hill’s Fall 2014 collection set up during the 2014 New York Fashion Week debut. Some of the styles that stood out in specific were gorgeous high necklines that were completely embellished, romantic lace fabrics, sexy cut out dresses, and the famous two piece styles. Before Sherri Hill reveals her 2015 Fall collection, lets take a look at some of our favorite styles that we still have from the 2014 Fall line!
     Take a look at Sherri Hill style 4332. This gorgeous long dress features an amazingly embellished neckline, cap sleeves and a phenomenal A-Line taffeta skirt. This gown achieves pure elegance and has been a customer favorite for numerous and different special occasions. You can never go wrong with a classy black dress!
     A stunning take on the two piece style, here is 32009We absolutely adore this dress in the colors Coral/Nude and Gunmetal/Nude. Featuring long sleeves and a mermaid style skirt, Sherri Hill has designed a dress that is bold, unique, and elegant. This two piece is also a great option for those who do not want to show off too much skin!
     Lastly, here is a dress that was an absolute hit in both long and short versions. Sherri Hill style 11171 is a sweet and stylish short dress loved by many for homecoming and sweet sixteens. This dress features an illusion neckline with cap sleeves and an adorable tulle skirt. The fitted bodice features beautiful floral applique which adds a touch of vintage to this already exquisite little number. 
     What are some of your favorite styles from last season? More importantly, what are you guys looking forward to seeing more of in this 2015 Fall line? We know that whatever the Sherri Hill 2015 Fall line brings, we will all  love it! We can’t wait to see our Peaches customers rock these new styles!