Counterfeit Dresses

March 26,2015

If it’s too good to be true chances are it’s not true.



Help us stop the Counterfeit websites from selling knock off dresses by reporting them.  Knock off dresses are created and sold with the intent to defraud customers.  Every year we get hundreds of young girls who have been lied to and cheated by a fraudulent online retailer, selling them poorly made dresses.  These websites illegally take an Image from the designer or a designer’s retailer web page and sell poorly made prom dresses in sweat shops using child labor in china. If you see a dress for 500$ in a couple of stores and see it online for 250$ chances are you are not getting the designers dress. It has become more and more frequent for young girls to buy their prom dress from these counterfeit online websites.


Few examples of Counterfeit dresses


 Peaches Boutique offers you the following tips:

  • Website use images of authentic designer dresses to insure unexpecting buyers for that deep discount
  • The “contact us” page should provide a phone number and address (preferably within the US) not just an email, for customer service.
  • The designer makes the dress in certain amount of colors and the less expensive website can make it in 20
  • The counterfeit web site can make the dress exactly to the measurements you desire.
  • Designer’s do not make custom fit dresses
  • The dress is being shipped out from china not from the US (designers are based in the US)

Classy Terani Dress P1575

Designers dress on the left /counterfeit dress on the right


How to find authorized dealers?



Find the designers website and utilize the “Store Location” for a list of retailers authorized to sell the dresses. If the web site store is not listed, then beware that they are not selling true designer gowns.

Prom Stats

March 13,2015


Prom night is almost here for many high school students. As it gets closer and closer to prom our boutique is getting busier and busier. Just take a look at the line from last Saturday on our Instagram page if you haven’t already! Girls everyone is coming in to make their most important purchases for their prom. What are those top expenses for prom? The dress and accessories of course! You can’t go to prom without them! This chart gives us a great idea of how girls on average spend their prom budget. On average girls are spending a little over $400 dollars on their prom dresses and around $100-120 on shoes and accessories. They are also spending about $105-115 hair and makeup and around $55, without tip, on manicures and pedicures. Prom tickets can really vary depending on prom location. On average it seems to be around $30-90 per ticket. Most prom goers will go with a group and pitch in an equal amount for their cost of transportation. The price will depend on how many people are in your group, how many hours the limo is reserved for and the type of limo.

Overall most prom goers are spending a pretty penny for their prom. However prom is an amazing experience and for the most part this will be the only other time besides your wedding day where you will be able to go all out. Live it up but also keep in mind there are always ways to be a smart shopper. Look for deals on accessories and beauty services. Most salons have great packages for prom to choose from. We can’t wait to see our lovely customers looking glamourous from head to toe in their prom dresses from Peaches Boutique. Be sure to send us your prom pictures and we will share them on our social media pages!


prom stats

Oscars Red Carpet Look

February 27,2015

Alright ladies! Who watched the Oscars this year? I can’t lie, I did not watch the Oscars, however, I did make sure I saw who wore what on the red carpet! I must say there were some truly opulent styles strutting down the red carpet this year. For prom goers, the Oscars come at just the right time. What a perfect way to get some fashion inspiration before heading to Peaches Boutique and finding that perfect dress for your 2015 prom! I am going to share some of my personal favorite red carpet styles and show you a few red carpet worthy gowns that you could wear to your prom this year.

This year red carpet host Giuliani Rancic wore not 1 but 2 stunning gowns. Rancic looked ravishing in both gowns however the long sleeve gown she wore looked absolutely phenomenal. If you want to steal this glamorous long sleeved look we have a dress that can help you do just that.

Take a look at MacDuggal dress style 62062M. This gown is a lovely lace detailed long sleeve gown that gives off the look of luxury. This gown showcases a high illusion neckline and illusion long sleeves which are adorned with just the right amount of scattered lace applique. The back of the dress is exposed which gives this dress the perfect combination of sophisticated and sexy. We love this gown in Ivory/Nude however this dress also comes in Red and Aqua/Nude. You can not go wrong with wearing this lavish lace gown by MacDuggal.


Another favorite was Gwyneth Paltrow’s gorgeous one sleeve gown. I think this dress was one of my favorite styles because of the color. The blush color of her dress reminds my of my favorite season, spring! Here is a dress by Shail K that gives off that same look. Shail K dress style 3920 is a gorgeous jersey material gown which features a V-cut neckline, long sleeves, and a thigh high slit. This gorgeous pale pink dress gives off such a soft and dainty look that embraces a sweet feminine style. The back of the dress adds just the right amount of sexy edginess as it features a stunning cowl back with a beaded back strap. Shail K dress style 3920 would make an alluring dress style for this years 2015 senior prom.

2nd dress

Who doesn’t love a fitted red dress? Better yet, a lacy fitted red dress! Rosamund Pike wore an absolutely stunning red gown to the Oscars. If you really want to stand out from the crowd in a striking red dress that is similar to the one that red carpet star Rosamund wore, here is a great option! Check out this gorgeous Milano Formals dress style E1754. This Milano Formals dress is a captivating red strapless gown made of lace applique and tulle. This lacy gown hugs your curves at just the right places to give your that desired hourglass figure. Compared to Rosamund’s red dress this gown does not have a slit, but it does have a sheer tulle skirt. We love this fashion forward trend as it is a new take on a slinky touch to a skirt other than the typical thigh high slit. You can not go wrong with this sensational style!


Wear any of the fabulous choices above and we know you will look and feel red carpet ready! What were your favorite red carpet looks this year from the Oscars? We can help you find styles similar to those here at Peaches Boutique!

Fashion Week Flashback

February 19,2015

     It’s that time of the year. The 2015  Mercedes-Benz New York Fashion Week is finally here! This week brings one of the most anticipated events of the year for everyone in the fashion industry. Fashion shows take place in New York, Australia, Miami, Berlin and Istanbul at this time. New York Fashion week in specific is close to our hearts because one of our designer favorites, Sherri Hill, will be showcasing her highly anticipated Fall 2015 collection. In past years, Sherri Hill has had famous faces such as Kendall and Kylie Jenner, Sadie Robertson, and even former Miss Universe beauty Queens help debut her collections by walking the runway during fashion week. We are so excited to see what this year’s 2015 Fall Line has to bring and the trends that will be coming our way for the up coming season! 
     There are so many trends that Sherri Hill’s Fall 2014 collection set up during the 2014 New York Fashion Week debut. Some of the styles that stood out in specific were gorgeous high necklines that were completely embellished, romantic lace fabrics, sexy cut out dresses, and the famous two piece styles. Before Sherri Hill reveals her 2015 Fall collection, lets take a look at some of our favorite styles that we still have from the 2014 Fall line!
     Take a look at Sherri Hill style 4332. This gorgeous long dress features an amazingly embellished neckline, cap sleeves and a phenomenal A-Line taffeta skirt. This gown achieves pure elegance and has been a customer favorite for numerous and different special occasions. You can never go wrong with a classy black dress!
     A stunning take on the two piece style, here is 32009We absolutely adore this dress in the colors Coral/Nude and Gunmetal/Nude. Featuring long sleeves and a mermaid style skirt, Sherri Hill has designed a dress that is bold, unique, and elegant. This two piece is also a great option for those who do not want to show off too much skin!
     Lastly, here is a dress that was an absolute hit in both long and short versions. Sherri Hill style 11171 is a sweet and stylish short dress loved by many for homecoming and sweet sixteens. This dress features an illusion neckline with cap sleeves and an adorable tulle skirt. The fitted bodice features beautiful floral applique which adds a touch of vintage to this already exquisite little number. 
     What are some of your favorite styles from last season? More importantly, what are you guys looking forward to seeing more of in this 2015 Fall line? We know that whatever the Sherri Hill 2015 Fall line brings, we will all  love it! We can’t wait to see our Peaches customers rock these new styles!

Find the Perfect Dress for your Shape

February 17,2015

Having trouble finding the right style for you? Peaches Boutique can help you look stunning on the night of your even by giving you a few tips on the right styles for you!  Knowing what to wear to fit your shape can be headaches especially if you do not know where to start from. We want you to feel confident on your special night.

Let’s face it everyone is made differently and have different body shapes, and it is impossible to say that a certain style is better than another style specially if we all have different body shapes. What you want is for you and your dress to be the perfect match by finding the dress that fits your shape the best will have you glowing in beauty. Peaches’ has a few tips that will help you find the perfect dress for your shape!


If you have a small waist, try going fitted on the top and looser at the bottom to accentuate the comparison between your bust and waist. Try to avoid a full fitted style. This Sherri Hill Style 4308 is perfect style for an Hourglass shape.



If you are a runner and have a very small frame your style will definitely be a fitted dress. Try avoiding flowy dresses since they will make your shape vanish behind all that material. Show you shape off with a fitted dress like this Jovani style 90640, it will be perfect for your body style.




Stop hiding behind all that fabric! We have found the perfect style for you. Many girls with an apple shape tend to hide by covering up as much as they can. Show off your legs if you can.  The best styles for you would be A-line, empire waist dresses, or dresses that have waist bands. Try to reduce attention from the middle area of your body. Looking for something short? This Short La Femme Dress style 18177  is a great style.  If looking for a full length dress, this Long Blush Dress Style 9726 is also a lavishing dress.



Being Busty can sometimes be annoying by not being able to find the perfect fit for you. We can definitely help you find the perfect style for you. In order to proportion the bust with the rest of your body try to avoid short dresses since it will make your top look heavier, as well as strapless dresses, or dresses with very thin straps as they will not give you much support. Darker colors are usually the best choice for girls who are busty since they are more slimming. Halter necklines, High necklines, as well as dresses with thicker straps would be the best style for you. Showcasing this long Sherri Hill style 11151 with enough support on the top to have you in comfort all night long.



Having a pear shape means that your hips are larger than your bust. What you need to do in this case is to accentuate the bust so it can proportion out with your hips. Don’t want any alterations? Avoid fitted dresses since you will have to get a bigger size due to your hips and would have to alter the top.  Here are some styles that will fit well with your body style. Designer blush has this gorgeous two piece dress style 9916 (Left) as well as style 9934 (right).



Think there is nothing out there for you?  Think again don’t lose hope because everything seems so big around you. Just follow the rules for the body type on the dresses above.  Always remember shorter dresses are always best for a petite person. If you are set on a long style  alterations are always an alternative, there is an invariably amount of options out there for you. Check out this short  fitted Mori Lee dress Style 9296 or this long flowy style 21144 which has a high neckline and gives an illusion of a longer torso giving your body a longer illusion.



It does not matter what style is right for you. You will look stunning on the night of your event. We will have the perfect style for you.  Be sure to stay tune for more prom tips!

Prom 2015 Two Piece Styles

February 12,2015

                                Two Piece Prom Dresses

Just by browsing through our website we think it is easy to quickly realize what this years hottest style is. Can you take a guess
on what style we are talking about? It’s the Two Piece Prom Dress! This designers this year brought variety to the Two Piece Prom Dress like we have never seen before. Choosing the perfect style for prom can be tough as there are so many beautiful styles to choose from. The great part of choosing a two piece dress is that some of them give you two stunning styles in one! Who doesn’t love that?! Here are two unique styles that we think you will love.

Love the form fitting style of a mermaid dress but also want that edgy two piece look?
Rachel Allen 6870 is just that style! This Rachel Allan dress features a gorgeous crop top which has a halter neckline
that is fully embellished with a variety of gorgeous silver bead work. The form fitting taffeta skirt features a beaded
waistband to compliment the top. The chic crop top allows you to keep your fun and edgy style while the
hip hugging  mermaid style skirt gives this dress the perfect touch of elegance. This dress is a style you do not
want to pass up. Selecting this dress for your prom is an obvious choice, the only tough decision will be deciding
on what color to go with as this dress comes in four amazing colors; Gunmetal, Red, Royal, and White/Gold.


Now here is a style we thought could never happen, but it did, and we love it! Take a look at Vizcaya style 89026
because we think you will love it too! Wanting to go with the gorgeous look of a fabulous ball gown but love the
trendy two piece look? Well this dress is a two piece ball gown! How amazing is that? The beautiful crop
top features an illusion neckline made of lace material and embellished with glistening iridescent beads.
The full skirt is an absolute show stopper as it is made of ruffled tulle material adorned with scattered sequin
and patches of applique. This ball gown comes in the colors Aqua, Champagne, Coral, and White. You will be the
Bell of the ball at this years senior prom is this gorgeous Vizcaya ball gown.


How to Choose the Color of Your Dress

May 10,2014

How to you choose the color of your dress is what a lot of women want to know. There are countless colors and prints to choose from at Peaches Boutique. What if you don’t want to wear a little black dress? What if you want some color in your life for a change? Are you willing to wear leopard print again? It is springtime, so how about a nice and easy light green, or even a dusty rose pink. I am going to breakdown each color we have for you.


So… Let’s get started:


Peaches Boutique has all your dress colors

You can click on the pics or on the colors to check them out





Click the pic to view

this Sherri Hill dress



First the color black is visually slimming, but you know this already. Little Black dresses (LBDs) are an extremely admired go-to style for all. Classic, and timeless black dresses look great on anyone’s figure. Girl’s nights out wouldn’t be the same without black dresses. Whether it be a New Years Eve celebration, your cousins wedding, your boyfriends birthday, or your best friends bachelorette party, the little black dress is perfect for any occasion. There is a saying among us ladies that says “you can never own to many LBD’s.”




Click the pic to view 

this Sherri Hill dress




As a calming natural color, blue can make time pass quickly. Depending on the shade of blue, you can have a different feeling. Royal blue conveys richness and superiority while baby blue expresses serenity and innocence. You can try to blend a lighter and darker shade of blue, and get a classy look about yourself. Mixing the right shade of gray with blue will add an understated elegance to you.




Click the pic to view

this La Femme dress




Warm, neutral, and known to stimulate you appetite, brown is found in both living and nonliving things. You can put it with other colors to make the accompanying colors more vibrant and richer. Brown gives a feeling of warmth, honesty, and wholesomeness.




Click the pic to view

this La Femme dress




What better to toast with on a special occasion, champagne consists of various pale tints of yellow-orange that are close to beige. This color has the same pureness, and softness of white, but slightly richer.  Champagne is warm, with calming effect to those around it because of its neutral being.




Click the pic to view

this Sherri Hill dress




Coral can give any outfit a nice pop and it mixes well with similar summer colors such as teal and yellow.  Reddish/pinkish shades of orange create the perfect summer hue. Coral is the type of color that looks great on your sun kissed skin.




Click the pic to view

this Night Moves dress




Vivid combinations of red, pink, and purple tones create the color we all know as fuchsia. When you have a more reddish, and less saturated hue than you have what is called “fashion fuchsia”, also known as the color cerise. Cerise is common in Vizcaya Ball gowns and Mori Lee fitted dresses.




Click the pic to view

this Jovani dress




Best known as the color of wealth, and riches which is also the cousin of yellow, orange, and brown. Gold can be bright, Cheerful, or, Somber, and, transitional. Gold can be bold and powerful as well as soft and classy.




Click the pic to view

this Sherri Hill dress




The color of money can be associated with life, nature, growth, renewal, health, and overall environment. Confident yet restful, and calming greens will make those around you envy your dress.




Click the pic to view

this Sherri Hill dress


2012-Prom-Dresses Sherri-Hill-Short-Sherri_Hill_21187_ivory_nude_21187_f13_1


Like black and white, ivory can go with almost every color. This wholesome and clean color can be complimented by just about any more. This color is not quite as stark as white and has a warmer shade to it. Ivory is a great alternative to white and can be worn at almost any occasion.




Click the pic to view

this Sherri Hill dress




Traditionally called lime-green lime is three-fourths of the way between yellow and green. Lime was named after the citrus fruit it resembles. This is a great summer color that can be complimented great with a sun-kissed tan.




Click the pic to view

this Mori Lee dress




Energetic, and warm this vibrant color can stimulate many warm emotions, as well as a hearty appetite. Orange is an autumn color, which represents the changes of the seasons from the bright citrus of summer to rich deeper colors of the winter. This color combines red and yellow hues. Orange can be a bit less intense than that of the color red.




Click the pic to view

this Sherri Hill dress


2012-Prom-Dresses Sherri-Hill-Sherri_Hill_3895_Lightpeach_3895_s14_3


Energetic and warm, peach is vibrant, and known to simulate happy emotions. This color is a combination of both orange and yellow hues. It’s a less intense color than orange, and can be calmed by the cheerfulness of yellow. Peach dresses can be worn at any fun social gathering.




Click the pic to view 

this Mori Lee dress




Softer, and less violent shade of red, pink was a “sugar and spice and everything nice” type of color only warn by women. Today pink is found on men and women, you can use hot pink to convey playfulness, and pastel pink for tenderness. Combining pink with purples, or other pastels creates a softer more feminine palate. Darker shades of pink give a connotation of strength.




Click the pic to view

this Jovani dress




An unforgettable, unique, and original print can set you apart from everyone in the room. Prints are a perfect way to stand out while showing you are up on new trends. Prints can be of sorts such as animals, flowers, lights, darks, as well as radiant tones.




Click the pic to view

this Mori Lee dress




Mix strong, warm and cool pinks and reds to give the rare property of this special color. Purple is a floral color the represents flowers such as lavenders, orchids, lilacs, and violets that are precious to most. This color will boost your imagination and creativity.




Click the pic to view

this Sherri Hill dress




What a magnificent attention grabbing color. This is a take action color. Red dresses can help you make an impression.  This hot yet strong hue can generates emotions of love to violence. A red dress can make any women feel sexy.




Click the pic to view

this Sherri Hill dress




Named after the precious metal, Silver is shiny and similar to gray, but more lively, and playful of a color. This color is cooling, but can give a look of wealth and richness those who where it.




Click the pic to view

this La Femme dress




Blends of blue, and green create this calming shade. Lighter shades of turquoise have a sweet feminine feel while darker shades make a statement. This trendy color can be worn in the springtime or summertime and can be paired perfectly with a light grey or bright coral.





Click the pic to view

this Sherri Hill dress




This color goes with almost anything. White is known for purity, cleanliness, and innocence. This color is used in the western world for the blushing bride, but in the east it is used for mourning, and funerals. Mix white with pastel tones, and get a flawless spring palate.




Click the pic to view 

this Sherri Hill dress



Wearing the color yellow was made famous by the movie “Beauty and the Beast” with it’s warm, and sunshine feel. Yellow is cheerful and friendly casting happiness wherever it goes. This color can create excitement and feelings of pure bliss. A bight yellow dress worn on a perfect summer day will make any girl smile.



Picking the color of your dress can cause stress. If you need to pick a picture-perfect color and flawless print, Peaches Boutique has what you need. The website has a shop by color option, and it’s fast and easy to use.
















Formal Dress

May 6,2014

Women sure do have affection for a formal dress. It is an opportunity to play dress-up for real. You can wear bold make-up, extra jewelry, and shoes that sparkle. Special event attire where you can look your best, show off you favorite fashions, and truly dazzle the crowd is important. Formal occurrences don’t arise daily, so when they do arise it’s a chance to pull out all the stops and put your utmost trendy foot forward. For most formal occasions, there is plenty of notice in advance giving you time to discover the spot-on flawless formal dress, jewels, shoes, purse and never forget the perfect hairstyle.


Peaches Boutique has all your formal dresses


Your Formal Dress is a click away!

This one from Lafemme

Just click the pic!




Refinement and Comfort


This one from Sherri Hill

Just click the pic!


If you will be hosting a formal affair, you want to look fabulous while remaining comfy. A dress that is elegant and fits well is imperative because you’ll be welcoming invitees and trying to put everybody at ease. A dress from Peaches Boutique will make your elegance look natural. You’re there to have a decent time and formal events let you look good while doing so. Your dress ought to be reflection of your natural style and must flatter your figure. You can truly enjoy the party if you don’t find yourself contemplating your dress after you put it on. Be the pleasant and picturesque social butterfly that everybody is delighted they encountered.




This one from LaFemme

Just click the pic!


Marriages are undoubtedly the most common formal occasion.  It’s a chance to dress with beauty, grace and style. Minor tailoring can make a beautiful suit look haute couture. Mothers-in-law want to put their stylish foot forward; there’s no need to wear granny-gear even if you can’t wait to be a grandmother. Wedding guests should look great as well. Making an effort to look good is a way to acknowledge and embrace the very special, beautifully romantic and celebratory nature of a wedding. Putting forth the effort to look your best expresses to the bride and groom’s families that this is indeed a special occasion.


Restraining Some of your Style


Stunning Splash Dress 

Just click the pic!



Company celebrations tend to be extra conservative. It might not be fitting to wear a strapless dress or extremely short one. Think about whether or not the invitees are colleagues, friends, a larger audience, or possibly it is open to the community. A lesser, more friendly circle means you will be much more evident. In a crowd of a few hundred folks, the woman wearing a strapless dress won’t be as noticeable. At the company banquet with fewer people, everybody will observe, so dress to impress. Be recalled for having worn a stunning dress in a daring color at a work-related event while maintaining tasteful elegance. This is not the instance to wear anything skintight, short or cut too low. Display your intelligence by dressing sophisticated and classy.


Choosing a dress


Before your hunt for a formal dress begins, take a second to deliberate the event. Is this a Christmas party or product launch celebration? Is this a charity gala or an award ceremony? Are you a fall intern or a senior partner? Are you on the hosting panel or merely appearing as an invitee? All of these inquiries can influence your choice of dress.




What does black or white tie mean

May 1,2014



What does black or white tie mean?         To found out read this Post.






The dress code for a white-tie type of festivity is society’s utmost formal event. The feminine attire is quite strict for this occasion. A formal evening gown, a full skirted ball gown, fur wrap, and long white gloves is believed to be proper apparel. Jewelry is essential, but never make it too abundant. Short dresses are not even considered. If your social gathering is in another country such as Scotland where it is custom to have a white-tie affair, you must obey this etiquette, or don’t bother attending. If the event incorporates dancing then we advise against strapless dresses, big jewelry and free long hair and we suggest a pair of elegant comfortable shoes.  Evening gloves remain suitable although younger women rarely use them.


Black tie


The dress code for this type of party is more complicated today for women. The invitations from the host can signify any level of dress. Back in the day there were distinctions between dance and dinner wear, but it’s a mess these days. It is very important to get the hosts opinion on what the dress code is. A great host will send hand-written invitations that will have a description of what attire is expected. If you are invited to have drinks after work, then a little black dress will work. But if you are going out for a 21st birthday, which is more of a lavish event then you need a much grander dress. As an seasoned party-going acquaintance declares: ‘the more determination of the host, the larger the level of formality anticipated.’ Choosing a long or short dress can also be frustrating.  Conventionally long is more formal than short, but these divisions are fast declining these days. Today’s dress is fundamentally built on what flatters the wearer, their legs and their relative era.  Long gowns are the ideal comfortable choice for older women, whereas younger girls steadily feel more suitable for shorter dresses.  Nevertheless, a long dress is still the safest route of all, because it’s continuously distinct, and applicable to any black tie event that is fancier than a cocktail bash.

Garment Bags Helps Dresses Last Lifetimes

April 28,2014

Screen Shot 2014-04-23 at 11.14.36 AM


I stockpile all my dresses in garment bags into my walk-in closet. Why, would you not want your dresses to last a lifetime? Maybe my children will wear my designer dresses to prom or just for fun. I have been buying the hottest fashions for years. I may need to buy my formal wear dresses their very own house by the time I have grandkids. I hope to pass all of them down to the kids one day and what better way to keep them fresh than with this stylish bag. The amount of dust, dirt, and wrinkles you can keep away with this bag is a miracle. Garment bags helps dresses last lifetimes. The very best garment bag for dresses are found at Peaches Boutique.

I use the bags to travel to weddings, on cruises, after work events, and many more. You can store your Peaches Boutique dresses in this marvelous garment bag shown above. This bag is the picture-perfect place to store your Mori Lee, Sherri Hill, or La Femme dresses. Peaches garment bag comes with a pocket that adds the perfect storage spot for items such as: prom garter, rhinestone earrings, gloves and more. If you want crisp, wrinkle free, forever fresh and never crumpled again dresses, a garment bag is the way to go!