2012 Prom Makeup Trends & 2012 Prom Makeup Tips

April 10,2012

You may have already have found your perfect prom 2012 dress but it’s not too late to think about your prom makeup look. Below are some 2012 prom makeup tips and prom makeup trends that go perfectly with various prom dress styles. No matter what your prom dress looks like, matching your prom makeup to your prom dress will ensure you look your best on your prom night!

Play Up One Feature

This is a prom makeup rule that applies no matter what style of prom dress you chose. Don’t go overboard on your prom makeup just because it is a special event. Try accentuating one feature like wear a brightly colored lipstick or do a sexy, smoky eye.  Then, make the rest of your prom makeup more natural. Trust us, you will look amazing by just playing up one feature!

One idea: play up your lips with one of this season’s bright coral lipsticks. This look is  perfect if your dress is bright and fun like the coral prom dress from Scala shown here.

Prom Dresses 2012 Scala Q4135


A trend we love for 2012 prom makeup is metallic makeup.  This look goes well with formal dresses in solid colors like black dresses or purple prom dresses.

Take a break from the typical smoky eye and go bold by applying a metallic hue to the eyes. Popular shades are always gold and bronze but silver and white metallic colors were seen all over the runway for spring.  Be sure to use an eyeshadow primer for this look to keep your eye makeup fresh all night. Use a shimmery powder eye shadow or a cream eye shadow in a lighter metallic shade all over the eye and then a darker metallic color in the inner creases and blend. Finish with liner and mascara and use a shimmery rose, nude or peach brush depending on the metallic shade you choose.

A metallic eye look would go perfect with a shiny dress like this silver prom dress from Flirt.

Prom Dresses 2012 Flirt PF5012

Do a Cat Eye

Want to go a little more dramatic for your prom makeup? Do a sexy cat eye! Brush your eyes with a white shimmery eyeshadow and get out the eyeliner of your choice (we prefer a gel liner). Use those art skills you learned in school and draw a line from the inner corner of your eye to the outer corner and make a small flick to make the liner look like a wing. Tip: rest your arm on a table so it is steady and start light. You want to get the line right first. You can always go back and add more liner on top of this to darker it up later! Keep the rest of your makeup minimal. Wear a light nude or pink color lipstick or lip gloss and a soft pink blush and let your eyes do the talking!

This prom makeup look pairs well with sexy dresses like this short dress by Evenings by Allure.

Sexy Dresses Evenings by Allure A505F

Bronze and peach

Be a bronzed goddess on your prom night with a pretty bronzed face and flushed cheeks. The bronzed look is a perfect complement with white dresses though just be sure to not overdo and don’t wear your dress while applying makeup!

Don’t think that you have to go outside and sun before prom. Stay safe and ensure an even glow (no sunburn) by going faux! Get a spray tan a few days before the prom and complete the look on prom day with a bronze powder on your cheekbones and décolletage. Remember, don’t choose a bronzer that is too strong.  A bronzer should be no darker than two shades from your skin stone. Finish your bronzed face with a peach or apricot blush. For the eye, wear a gold shadow, dark eyeliner and lots of mascara! You are sure to look like you just had a tropical vacation!

A bronzed look pairs well with white dresses like this short dress by La Femme.

White Dress La Femme 17492

Dewy Skin

Make your gorgeous skin the focus on your prom night. This is another 2012 prom makeup trend that works no matter what type of prom dress you wear. To achieve this look, play up your skin by using a highlighter on the highest points on your face to create dimension or all over to brighten up your complexion. Put on a rose colored blush or pale pink blush over the highlighter. On the eyes, put a little highlighter on the browbones and inner corner of the eyes. Use a light, shimmery eyeshadow, a little eyeliner on the tops of your eyes only and mascara. A bright pink gloss would complete the look and make you fabulous!

Wear a strapless dress like this stunning mermaid dress by Sherri Hill in light pink and put some highlighter on your collarbone to really make your skin glow!

Mermaid Dress Sherri Hill 8434