Interactive Timeline: How Prom Nights Came To Be

December 2,2016


Prom has long been part of every teenager’s life. It is so special, especially for girls, that it usually takes them several months, if not weeks, just to prepare for such a big event. But, as you go through your … read more

Knock-off Prom Dresses: The Online Shopping Scam That Can Ruin Your Formal

November 5,2015

infographic about knock-off prom dresses


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Knock-off Prom Dresses: The Online Shopping Scam That Can Ruin Your Formal

Knock-off fashion has been around for years, … read more

Freshman Survival Guide to Homecoming

September 25,2015




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The Perfect Pairing of Beauty Trends for 2015

August 25,2015

Rainbow Hair and Ombré Nails


From split dyes to color-blocked hair, this year of hair trends is anything but boring. In fact, these girls are quite daring, and we love it! And for 2015, it’s pretty obvious which color … read more

How was your Prom Quiz?

June 23,2015

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The Peaches Boutique Story

April 17,2015



Peaches Boutique came from a small shop back in 1984. They started selling women’s designer clothing located in Chicago. By the Mid 90’s they focused only on gorgeous designer dresses.

Today that little shop has grown into a … read more

Why is Everyone Searching for Vintage Prom Dresses this Prom Season?

April 16,2015


Which was the first thing that caught your attention when you landed on this page? Was it the stylish, 60’s-inspired vintage dresses? Or perhaps the characters from Mad Men, the wildly popular show on AMC, which returned for the … read more

Counterfeit Dresses

March 26,2015

If it’s too good to be true chances are it’s not true.



Help us stop the Counterfeit websites from selling knock off dresses by reporting them.  Knock off dresses are created and sold with the intent to defraud customers.  
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Prom Stats

March 13,2015


Prom night is almost here for many high school students. As it gets closer and closer to prom our boutique is getting busier and busier. Just take a look at the line from last Saturday on our Instagram pageread more

Oscars Red Carpet Look

February 27,2015

Alright ladies! Who watched the Oscars this year? I can’t lie, I did not watch the Oscars, however, I did make sure I saw who wore what on the red carpet! I must say there were some truly opulent styles read more