Looking Ahead to Homecoming 2018

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At Peaches, we’re always anticipating what’s next; our homecoming prep starts before prom season has even fully wrapped up. The 2018 school year may have just come to a close, but homecoming 2018 is just around the corner. Get a head start and start planning now to ensure a memorable start to the new school year.
Sherri Hill 514125

Sherri Hill 52179

In planning your look, focus first on how you want your dress to fit you: do you want a sleek silhouette, or something a bit more swirly? Our skin-tight fitted dresses, like Sherri Hill 51425, are perfect for showing off your curves. A-line looks, like Sherri Hill 52179, cinch in your waist and slightly exaggerate your hips, creating the illusion of MORE curves.
Sherri Hill 51425

Rachel Allen 4654

This homecoming season, designers are rolling out classic styles with eye-catching twists: shimmering fabrics, sparkly sequins, and all-over paillettes are trending across designers. Looking to make a refined, subtle statement? Go for a look with sequin accents, like Rachel Allan 4649. Is “subtle” not your style? Rachel Allan 4654 is covered in shining paillettes, creating a look as dramatic as you are.
Rachel Allen L1174

Sherri Hill 52126

This past prom season, we saw more and more ladies are opting for suits and suit-like ensembles. Extend the trend to homecoming with one of our bold suit sets. Rachel Allan L1174 features corset boning and a structured blazer, creating the perfect balance of sexy and serious. If you really mean business, Sherri Hill 52126 is the perfect sparkly look for a boss young lady like you.
Rachel Allen L1114

Sherri Hill 52379

Sherri Hill 52293

Rachel Allen L1114

Before making your final decision on any dress, it’s important to consider how the color will compliment and contrast with your skin tone. After all, you don’t want to looked washed-out in photos or un-flattered under the flashing lights. Red is universally flattering (Rachel Allan L1114), provided you select a red with the right undertones; cool-toned girls look best in blue/pink-reds, while golden/orange reds are best suited to warm-toned girls. Dark skin and hair? Yellows (Sherri Hill 52379) and bright oranges will make you shine. Ladies with little contrast between their skin and hair, i.e. pale blondes and redheads, rock emerald (Sherri Hill 52293) like nobody else. And ladies with lots of contrast between their skin and hair, like pale brunettes, shine in rich royal and navy blues (Rachel Allan L1114). Need more hands-on help? Our site’s handy live chat operators can are happy to assist! And, of course, nothing compares to our in-store experience. Our sales associates are available seven days a week to offer their expert opinions and find the most flattering styles for your body, budget, and taste.
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