Shail K Prom Dresses 2016 - Peaches

Business entrepreneur Kimi Verma from India originally Miss Mumbai and a film actress has taken upon herself to launch her on line known to us a Shail K. Shail K prom collection is highly inspired by Verma’s mother. Shail K’s collection devotes itself to originality and upscale modern designs. Shail K takes into consideration that all women come in different shapes and sizes thus offering custom gown making to accommodate everyone. Shail K prom dress line offers a range of metallic colors. They showcase a mix of bold hues and jewel tone colors in highly intricate patterns.

Choose from sexy strapless gowns to mega elegant high necklines to unique embellished pantsuit jumpers. While Shail K’s key staple is sequins and embellishments, their prom line offers slim jersey silhouettes and gliding A-line chiffon skirts, made with the best fabrics, to choose from. Shail K offers an assortment of fully sequined dresses as well.  Clearly great for prom and just as fantastic for formal encounters, Shail K collection will have you ready for any important life time event. 

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