Peaches Boutique is the one stop shop for all of your accessory needs! In addition to our stunning prom dresses and shoes, we have all of the accessories you need to finalize the look you are going for. Our vast selection of accessories come in a wide variety of colors and styles that will make your shopping experience stress-free! Search below for an item you need or browse on the left side to narrow your accessory category down to one.

Cleavage Pal With Lace up Enhancement $29 Quickview
ML2989 Metallic Under Dress Booty Shorts $10 Quickview
Braza Bra Pre-cut Double Sided Tape $10 Quickview
Boob Tape $20 Call For Price! Quickview
Braza Bra No More Panty Lines Removable $15 Quickview
Original Stylish Lace Girly Go Garters $39 Quickview
White Tulle Drawstring Slip Floor Length Size 90 $65 Quickview
Tulle floor length Full Cinderella Slip $90 Quickview
Petal Tops Adhesive Pasties by Braza $10 Quickview
White Fitted Floor Length Mermaid Tulle Slip $90 Quickview
Comfortable 8 inch Long One Size Bandeau $10 Quickview
Comfortable One Size Bandeau 12 Inch length $16 Quickview
White Tulle Floor Length Drawstring Slip Size 70 $45 Quickview
WhiteTulle Slip floor length 80 Size $55 Quickview
White Ball Gown Hoop Slip with 4-bones $65 Quickview
Braza Bra Add-A-Size Cups with Tape $15 Quickview
Braza Bra Contour Shape Add-A-Size Cups $12 Quickview
Peaches Boutique Logo Black Garment Bag $10 Quickview
$25 Gift Card $25 Quickview
$50 Gift Card $50 Quickview
$100 and Store Gift Card $100 Quickview
Braza Bra Double Sided Fashion Flash Tape $10 Quickview
White Ball Gown Hoop Slip with 6-Bones $75 Quickview
Ballgown Adjustable Long Full Slip $125 Quickview