When it comes to show-stopping pageant dresses, Peaches Boutique have you covered. We can help you find a pageant dress that’ll put you ahead of the competition, so you can feel like a queen when you get up on that stage. Whether you’re modeling or being interviewed, our pageant gowns give you the confidence to be your radiant self. From classic looks such as pageant evening gowns to sparkly, daring dresses for the talent round, we help you get through the toughest of competitions.

Evening Gowns for Beauty Pageants that put you in first place

It’s important to get a crown-worthy dress for the evening gown stages, and since you’ll be standing next to a crowd of women in beauty pageant gowns, you’ll need to work hard to stand out. That’s why Peaches Boutique offers such a wide range of gowns suitable for a beauty contest, so you aren’t limited by the options at your local store.

When you need to transform into a beauty queen, you can browse our range of evening gowns for pageants online or in our Chicago store and find something that works for you. While the ball gown is a favorite style for the beauty pageant, other looks such as form-fitting silhouettes have grown in popularity, but whatever you end up choosing, we want to ensure you feel like a beauty queen.

Our Mermaid Pageant Dresses flatter your figure

One look you may want to consider is a mermaid dress, which has all the style of a designer pageant gown and shows off your figure at the same time. Mermaid pageant dresses have become popular in recent years, and these gowns are great for these events because:

  • They show off your curves, but also have the style of a classic pageant gown
  • You can choose a range of colors
  • There are a variety of sleeves and necklines, so you can style them lots of different ways
  • If properly fitted, they are comfortable for when you are on stage and can be extremely flattering

Long Sleeve Pageant Dresses give you a unique style

A long sleeve style may be needed in certain contests, either because you need something a little more modest, or because you want to stand out from the crowd.

Brands such as Sherri Hill are ideal for those looking for long sleeve pageant dresses, and you can find sleeves in lace, opaque fabric, and both long and cap lengths. Many beauty pageant gowns are strapless, so by choosing a dress with sleeves, you can ensure you are noticed, even in the early rounds.

Grab the Beauty Pageant crown with our Colorful Gowns & Dresses

Whether you need a particular color dress for the opening number, or you just want to pick your favorite tone, the huge range of dresses available at Peaches Boutique makes it easy to find the right one.

Pink pageant dresses are a popular choice when you want to bring out your girly side, or channel Gwyneth Paltrow’s iconic Oscars look. We offer pink pageant dresses with sequins, lace, and in the style that makes you feel like a princess. We’ve also seen a big demand for yellow pageant dresses, perhaps inspired by Beyoncé’s eye-catching Lemonade dress. Yellow pageant dresses are cheerful and spring-like, and they really stand out when other contestants are wearing darker tones.

Many of our dresses are available in a range of colorways, so you can get the color to suit you, whether it’s something icy and cool for those with winter tones, or warm reds and deep browns for those who suit fall colors.

Wow the crowd with Short Pageant Dresses

While longer dresses are the norm in pageants, there can be many reasons to opt for short pageant dresses:

  • If your pageant has a semi-formal dress code, so you need something that’s more relaxed
  • For the talent round, a short dress can be more practical so you can move around the stage
  • When you need something a little more fun and flirty than a formal dress
  • If you have a round such as modeling, where an evening dress may not work, or you need something that shows off your figure a little

These kinds of gowns can be worn in different lengths, whether it’s the daring mini or on-trend midi dress, so there are plenty of ways to style a shorter dress. Options such as a high-low dress can also work well in pageants, where the dress is short at the front, and floor-length at the back. All you need is the perfect pair of high heels to finish the look, and you’ll no doubt grab the judge’s attention.

Peaches Boutique Get Your Pageant Gown to you with Free Shipping

Offering free shipping on our orders means that you can get your gown faster. Whether you need an emergency replacement dress, or just don’t want to wait a long time for the big unboxing, we offer fast shipping for your special occasion.

From formal gowns to fun prom dresses – we know how important it is for you to get the right dress for your pageant. If your dress arrives and doesn’t fit, or you aren’t thrilled with it, we offer easy returns and options such as exchanges, ensuring we get the dress that makes you feel like a beauty queen.

Peaches Boutique makes it easy to find pageant gowns that work for you. Whether you visit our 20,000 square foot retail space in Chicago to try on gowns, or simply search our easy to use website and choose a dress, you’ll be one step closer to grabbing that crown.