Bat Mitzvah Dresses

It's your girl's day to be gorgeous, and bat mitzvah dresses from Peaches Boutique help her celebrate her coming of age in style. Peaches Boutique offers a range of dresses for bat mitzvahs, including modest dresses to wear in the synagogue and fun bat mitzvah party dresses for the celebrations that follow. Simply browse our cute bat mitzvah dresses below and drop into our Chicago store to try on styles, or order online and get your dress delivered in just a few days.


Finding the Perfect Dress for Bat Mitzvah

It’s important to consider the dress code and what’s appropriate when you are looking for dresses for a bat mitzvah. Each denomination has its own rules about what your girl should wear. Orthodox and Conservative Jews will be looking for bat mitzvah dresses for 13-year olds, as this is when they go through this important ritual. If your girl is going to have her ceremony in an Orthodox or Conservative synagogue, then there are likely to be strict dress codes and she’ll need to wear something modest, so you may want to look for something like a prom dress with sleeves and a fairly covered neckline. If you’re looking at bat mitzvah dresses for 13-year olds, then you may want to look for muted tones, choosing single color dresses rather than bold prints to give her a smart look. Reform Jews have these ceremonies a year earlier, so will be looking for bat mitzvah dresses for 12-year olds. While Reform synagogues are a little more liberal with dress codes, girls still need to wear something appropriate that doesn’t show too much skin. Styles such as fit and flare dresses are usually fine, while bodycon or figure-hugging styles wouldn’t be suitable. If you need help finding bat mitzvah dresses for 12-year olds, our team will be happy to help you source the style you want, and we have experience finding prom dresses for many occasions.

What Dress to Wear to a Batmitzvah Party?

If you’ve been invited to a bar/bat mitzvah celebration, it can be difficult to know what to wear, especially if you aren’t a member of the Jewish community. When considering what to wear to a batmitzvah, think about the synagogue in which it’s being held and how modest the dress code is likely to be. When choosing dresses to wear to a bat mitzvah, some things to consider are:

  • Sleeves – in most synagogues, wearing ¾ length sleeves that cover the elbows should be enough
  • Length – when choosing dresses to wear to a bat mitzvah, avoid anything too short or figure-hugging at the bottom. Stick to dresses that are knee length or midi to be safe, as a short dress can ride up when you sit down
  • Neckline – you don’t need to wear a high neckline, but make sure your bodice isn’t too low cut or revealing
  • Comfort – bear in mind, you will switch from seated to standing several times. A bat mitzvah can last for a couple of hours, as the girl will read from the

Torah and there are speeches, so choose a fabric that isn’t going to chafe or be annoying When you arrive at the synagogue, head coverings will be offered to men and you may be offered a prayer shawl, depending on the denomination.

Choosing the Best Dress for a Bat Mitzvah Celebration

Most girls are most excited about picking out their bat mitzvah party dresses, as there are fewer dress code restrictions, so they can pick out something eye-catching. The dress your girl or you choose will depend on the kind of venue where the party is held. For big occasions, bat mitzvah gowns are popular, often floor length with tulle or embellishments to make her day even more special. Bat mitzvah gowns help her to stand out, so even if the other guests are wearing shorter dresses, she may still want to go all out and pick a showstopping dress. Other parties may have a dress code that leans more towards cocktail attire, so bat mitzvah party dresses are shorter and semi-formal. If she has chosen a certain theme such as a color, she may want a specific tone that matches the shade, and it’s common to see the guest of honor in sparkly or embellished dresses. Whatever style your girl is dreaming of, bring her to Peaches Boutique or browse the website, and she’ll no doubt find the dress of her dreams. Been invited to a bat or bar mitzvah party and unsure what to wear? There is usually a dress code mentioned on the invitation to help you decide, and Peaches Boutique offer lots of semi-formal, formal and party dresses that are suitable for these occasions. When you are looking for bat mitzvah dresses, you want the widest choice possible, which is why you should choose Peaches Boutique. Either visit our Chicago store, or browse our range online to pick the perfect dress from our many colors, styles, fits and design details.