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Intrigue by Blush Beaded Dress 425 $318 Quickview
Sherri Hill Taffeta Dress 51671 $350 Quickview
Primavera V Neck Dress 3301 $299 Quickview
Primavera V Neck Dress 3321 $299 Quickview
Sequin Alisha Hill V Neck Dress 80110 $350 Quickview
Morilee Damas Dress 9515 $246 Quickview
Just Peachy Prom Dress 41004 $329 Quickview
Primavera Fitted Dress 3514 $299 Quickview
Sherri Hill Fitted Dress 53879 $318 Quickview
Primavera Open Back Dress 1938 $299 Quickview
La Femme Long Dress 28425 $398 Quickview
Morilee Damas A Line Dress 9564 $284 Quickview
Faviana Long Chiffon Dress 7747 $298 Quickview
Primavera Open Back Dress 3138 $299 Quickview
Sherri Hill Long Dress 52452 $480 Quickview
Just Peachy Prom Dress 41006 $198 Quickview
Morilee Fitted Dress 43032 $398 Quickview
Primavera V Neck Dress 3314 $299 Quickview
Morilee Fitted Dress 45019 $278 Quickview
Primavera Long Dress 3235 $449 Quickview
Sherri Hill Short Dress 53932 $350 Quickview
Morilee Fitted Dress 45003 $318 Quickview
Sherri Hill Long Dress 53448 $450 Quickview
Morilee Long Dress 43132 $358 Quickview
Primavera Prom Dress 3550 $299 Quickview
Ellie Wilde Two Piece Dress EW120111 $375 Quickview
Primavera V Neck Dress 3516 $299 Quickview
Morilee Long Dress 43060 $490 Quickview
Morilee V Neck Dress 45005 $478 Quickview
Morilee Dress 45043 $278 Quickview
Morilee Dress 45062 $398 Quickview
Morilee Corset Lace Up Dress 45079 $270 Quickview
Primavera Short Dress 3336 $349 Quickview
Just Peachy Prom Dress 41007 $298 Quickview
Open Back Scala Prom Dress 47542 $358 Quickview
Morilee Satin Dress 45075 $270 Quickview
Sherri Hill Short Dress 53151 $398 Quickview
Sherri Hill Long Dress 53906 $370 Quickview
Sherri Hill Fitted Dress 52613 $398 Quickview
Morilee Damas Dress 9538 $187 Quickview

Peaches Unique Line of Winter Ball Gowns and Dresses

Winter is a magical time of year - be as beautiful as the driven snow in our one of kind Winter Ball Gowns. It's your time to shine and take the spotlight with one of our cute winter formal dresses or take an elegant spin with the long winter formal dress. While that music is pumping and you're having the time of your life, the Peaches Boutique winter ball dress you choose will certainly be memorable. Your experience is important to us, after all, there is no time like High School. Winter formal dresses are something we are passionate about and you will certainly feel that hitting the dance floor in one of our black winter formal dresses. Black, not your jam? Then go for one of our tailor-made line of white winter formal dresses.

Authentic Short Winter Formal Dresses for your Holiday Party

Whatever the occasion we have you covered for your holiday party attire. Not all parties are formal at the end of the day. Feel like cutting loose? Then our line of lace dresses is for you! Lace, not your thing? Perhaps a long-sleeved, floor-length dress is the perfect fit. Be it a sweetheart neckline for the special night or perhaps you prefer short winter formal dresses, Peaches Boutique has what you need to make a lasting impression.

Get Free Shipping on your Winter Formal Dress & Ball Gown Dresses

Order the hottest fashions of 2021 today and receive free shipping on any of our items such as the signature winter ball gown, cute winter formal dresses, holiday party dresses or any of our formal dress options. Spice up your special night and show up in cutting edge style with a Peaches Boutique prom dress. We have everything you need when it comes to your winter formal dress.

  • Long Sleeve
  • Floor Length
  • Winter Ball Gowns
  • Original Designs
  • Timeless Dresses

A Huge Variety of Party Dresses

It doesn't always have to be a special occasion to dress up. In reality, you don't need to have a reason to express what you're feeling on the inside by showing it to the world however you see fit. Feeling good is a state of mind, Party Dresses aren't only for parties. After all, you are the party. Next time you head out on the town, or meet up with friends either new or old, keep it fresh with a tailor-made piece from Peaches Boutique. No matter what you need, we have you covered!

Set the Tone for Your Spring with One of Our Winter Ball Semi Formal Dresses

Get a jump on the coming semester with a fun new look at the winter dance. Shopping for a new look is exciting! We take out the stress from the dress and add in a dash of fun. This is your chance to be ahead of the crowd and be a trendsetter. The winter formal doesn't have to be all rules and no play, one of our semi-formal dresses will set you apart from the rest. From color to the design, length to style... It's all at your fingertips with Peaches Boutique! You can pick and choose from our gallery of fresh designs, fabrics, and cuts - all at your convenience. You only live once, so why not live your youth to the fullest, exactly how you want it. Hit that red carpet like the star you are in the fashion you desire.

Passionate Designers on Call to Craft Your Perfect Winter Ball Dress

Beauty isn't reserved for Hollywood stars and jet setters. Take a look at our A list designers and their personal art - you are both their canvas and subject - should you choose. We are dedicated to making, not taking your experience. We have a stable of the best possible designers to meet your price range. Be it the big day, a winter ball dress or a nice little number to hit the town, our designers can meet your request.


  • Sherri Hill
  • Morilee
  • Jovani
  • Jasz Couture

We specialize in finding the right designer for your special night, one that understands you and how to make you shine the way you deserve. Original, cute and fresh creations straight from the artist to you! Just like choosing the right look, we are particular about the designers we decide to work with in order to ensure the best possible result for our clients. At Peaches Boutique you are able to pick the person that truly fits your individual style. You are uniquely you and the dress you wear should reflect that in every way.

Make a Lasting Impression With Our High School Winter Formal Dresses

Add some sizzle to the season with our selection of short formal dresses. We know how special this time in your life is, there is no time quite like high school. Winter formal dresses are no exception, it's important to seize the moment with the perfect match for who you are. Don't settle for anything less than spectacular and leave your mark on this rare occasion.

Why wait? Get in Touch with Peaches Boutique Today

Our designers are standing by and ready to weave your dream dress into a reality. Don’t hesitate to get the big night in order just the way you want. Dazzle as you step out of the limo on your way to the winter dance with a truly distinctive style that celebrates your individuality. Capture the magic as you dance the night away with confidence in your tailor-made, original Peaches Boutique design. Whatever your preference, whatever your style, we make it worth your while!

Heat up the Season in Classic Fashion with Our Winterball Gowns

Sometimes the best statement isn’t a vision of the future or a swath of the present, but a glance at the past. The pendulum always swings when it comes to style. In 2000, the new sheik was like a trip in a time machine to the 1970s. The same can be true anywhere on a timeline. The past speaks volumes in the world of formal dress and attire. Some dress designs are simply timeless in every sense of the word. The brilliance in a look isn’t always achieved by reinventing the wheel. Our extensive selection of winter ball gowns can be just the answer for your mid-year high school celebration! Classic or cutting edge, short or long, lace or traditional - it’s all just a click away. Fast, easy and top-notch quality is our ethos. You aren't waiting for the party, the party is waiting for you! Contact us and start the journey today!