Military Ball Dresses for that Highly Anticipated Military Ball

Military ball dresses are the epitome of sophistication. This highly anticipated night across military branches, the Military Ball, is the one time to show off your personality whether you are a service member or attending as a plus-one. Tradition is the most important aspect at these military ball celebrations, it's only appropriate your attire lives up to the regal nature of the event.

Think of this occasion as a formal party. First step is to choose the right color. Typically military ball gowns are jewel tones that complement the military uniform. Choose from bold red hues which make a statement effortlessly, a royal blue high neckline flared dress that shows your regal side, or a rich emerald figure-hugging mermaid dress accented with pleated ruching, a subtle but noticeable detail. In addition to dark hues, neutrals are a great option whether you are looking for a black full length gown that is both sophisticated and timeless, from strapless silhouettes with beaded bodices to fitted jersey dresses with minimal embellishments, or off-white and white military ball dresses accented with shimmering gold details. 

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