Portia and Scarlett Prom Dresses and Homecoming Dresses 2023

Sparkle like a beauty queen or your favorite Hollywood actress with homecoming and prom dresses designed by Portia and Scarlett. Made for socially confident feminine beauty, the homecoming and prom dresses from Portia and Scarlett will let you effortlessly flaunt your curves in glittery fabrics and innovative cuts. Go sexy and sophisticated. Grab one of the Portia and Scarlett prom dresses and homecoming dresses here at Peaches Boutique, and impress everyone at your event!


Huge Selection of Dresses from Australia's Leading Prom Dress Designers Portia and Scarlett

Make a huge impact at prom. Get prom dresses from Portia and Scarlett. Not self-conscious of glitters and dramatic cuts? Then check out Peaches’ selection of Portia and Scarlett prom dresses.

With a Portia and Scarlett prom dress, make your prom look pop and unforgettable. Why hide in a sea of boring dresses when prom dresses designed by Portia and Scarlett could create a moment for you to stand out? From dramatic Portia and Scarlett red dresses to glittering Portia and Scarlett cocktail dresses, the brand offers delicate looks in what would have been overpowering styles, with just the right amount of boldness in design.

Our Portia and Scarlett Dress Collection Boasts Over 400 Dresses with a Vast Variety of Styles and Colors

With over 400 choices, from the show-stopping metallics like a shimmery Portia and Scarlett silver dress and a divine Portia and Scarlett gold dress to the unique and fun Portia and Scarlett feather dress, you won’t end up empty-handed.

The brand embodies the exciting lifestyle of the contemporary fashionista, with colors and cutting-edge styles found in a Portia and Scarlett long-sleeve dress sewn together to draw attention and appreciation to the female form. Be queenly with a Portia and Scarlett emerald green dress, stately with Portia and Scarlett navy blue dress, or play up lightheartedness and nostalgia with a Portia and Scarlett pink dress. With a wide selection of unique prom dress design creations to choose from, including mesmerizing lavender prom dresses, lavishly crafted short yellow prom dresses, elegant royal blue prom dresses, and a plethora of gold sequin prom dress designs, Portia and Scarlett most definitely have a dress with your name on it.

Why Everyone Loves Portia and Scarlett Dresses and the History Behind the Brand

Known for fits that make the body look leaner or curvier, a Portia and Scarlett short prom dress and unique long prom dresses pave the way to that glamorous entrance often portrayed in movies. Portia and Scarlett's gowns come in daring silhouettes and details that draw a crowd, which is why you can find Portia and Scarlett dresses in the closets of some celebrities. A Portia and Scarlett long-sleeve dress can be both urbane and sexy.

Established in 2014 as a label focusing on luxury fashion in Sydney, Australia, Portia, and Scarlett dresses started making noise in the local and global scene when contestants wearing them won beauty titles. Now, when you search online for ‘Portia and Scarlett dresses near me,’ you’ll find there’s a Portia and Scarlett sale in locations outside Australia, including here at Peaches Boutique. With the Portia & Scarlett dress, luxe designs are available for everyone at an affordable price.

Meet the Portia and Scarlett Dress Designer Danielle Makhlouf and CEO Vicki Chami

Danielle Makhlouf and Vicki Chami are the faces behind Portia and Scarlett's dresses. Vicki, CEO of the Portia & Scarlett dress brand, was a Design and Education graduate from the University of New South Wales. Together with then 23-year-old Danielle - now the Portia & Scarlett dress designer - Vicki, at 26 years old, first launched retail boutique Doll House. Portia and Scarlett's dress masterpieces are now housed in offices and warehouses in different parts of the world, from Australia to the USA.

Danielle is responsible for those playful Portia and Scarlett feather dress designs, among other Portia and Scarlett dress creations. She was a Bachelor of Business graduate from the University of Technology in Sydney before becoming head designer of the Portia and Scarlett gowns. With a mutual love for fashion that birthed Portia and Scarlett dresses, she and Vicki added three more boutiques: Doll House Bridesmaids, Castle Hill, and Richmond VIC.

Whatever Color You Want, We Have a Portia and Scarlett Dress for You from Red, Blue, Green, Black, and Everything in Between

Peaches Boutique offers you endless choices of Portia and Scarlett dresses in colors you’re surely going to love. Get ready to look through our Portia and Scarlett sale for a dress that dazzles you.

Whatever color you're in the mood for, we have you covered with our wide range of creations from Portia and Scarlett. The Navy blue dress is perfect to showcase sophistication and intelligence. A Portia and Scarlett black dress is an ultra-sleek way to show power and mystery. A Portia and Scarlett red dress conveys confidence and passion. Want to express your love for nature? Hinting at a fresh start? Put on a Portia and Scarlett green dress.

Order a Portia and Scarlett Prom Dress Online Today and Find Out Why We Are the Leading Online Portia and Scarlett Outlet

The Peaches Boutique website showcases all of the Portia, and Scarlett dresses available in our physical store, which means you can order any Portia and Scarlett prom dress online through us. As one of the biggest formal wear retailers in the world, rest assured we have that Portia and Scarlett dress you’ve been dreaming of. With our website’s search options, finding that particular style and color that matches your personality would be a breeze. Also on offer, and one you shouldn’t miss out on, is our Portia and Scarlett sale, which includes the brand’s sophisticated designs from previous seasons that are still on trend.

Portia and Scarlett Dresses FAQs

Where is Portia and Scarlett located?

The Portia-Scarlett brand’s corporate headquarters are located in Sydney, Australia, where it also has a design studio as well as a showroom. Aside from Australia, the brand has offices and warehouses in the USA, the UK, and Hong Kong. Their dresses are also sold in hundreds of stores, including Peaches Boutique, across the globe. These days, it’s no longer difficult to buy creations from the brand, such as a Portia and Scarlett black dress. You can search on Google for ‘Portia and Scarlett dresses near me’ to find the nearest Portia and Scarlett outlet, or you can simply visit the Peaches Boutique website and check out our Portia and Scarlett short dress selection, among many others.

Is Danielle Makhlouf the head designer at Portia and Scarlett?

She is, and she has been working with CEO Vicki Chami since day one in creating elegant yet affordable Portia and Scarlett dresses, turning the Portia-Scarlett label into one of the global powerhouses in formal wear today. Danielle’s modern style uses clean lines to craft a figure-hugging Portia and Scarlett dress that reveals the beautiful contours of a woman’s body. From shimmering long Portia and Scarlett gowns to the equally stunning Portia and Scarlett cocktail dresses, her creations have been worn by famous faces as well as participants in the pageant industry, which is why a Portia and Scarlett dress is the perfect choice for someone who wants to be the center of attention. Whether you want to be a goddess in a Portia and Scarlett gold dress or be a gem in a Portia and Scarlett emerald green dress, you can find the perfect fit at Peaches Boutique.

Are Portia and Scarlett's bridesmaid dresses popular?

The brand’s evening wear range covers women of all ages and body shapes, which makes Portia and Scarlett bridesmaid dresses among the top choices. The brand has always kept up with the latest trends while crafting dresses that are meant to stand out. These dresses are versatile, so if you want something wearable for any occasion, not just at weddings, choose Portia and Scarlett. Pink dress and the Portia and Scarlett green dress options have always been favorites for weddings. You can also find bridesmaids clothed in various styles from the Portia and Scarlett emerald green dress selection. For ladies who love metallics, check out the Portia and Scarlett silver dress collection at Peaches Boutique. With colors that let your personality glow, step into your special occasion looking gorgeous as ever. If the brand’s style speaks to you, look up ‘Portia and Scarlett dresses near me’ online or just come to Peaches Boutique.