Long Sleeve Prom Dress 2024

Are you looking for a unique and stylish long-sleeved prom dress for your upcoming event? As the USA's largest prom dress boutique, Peaches Boutique offers over 400 stunning, jaw-dropping, head-turning 2024 long sleeved prom dresses to choose from. Our enormous, expansive collection features a variety of chic, elegant, sophisticated long sleeve styles to suit any taste, preference, or style you can imagine.

Morilee Strapless Dress 49002 $649
Rachel Allan Jersey Dress 70554 $558
Morilee Prom Dress 48015 $578
Morilee Corset Dress 48053 $879
Sherri Hill Short Fitted Dress 55167 $498
Clarisse Beaded Dress 810538 $372
Primavera Long Sleeve Dress 3860 $325
Sherri Hill Short Fitted Dress 55137 $698
Sherri Hill Fitted Dress 55316 $650
Morilee Damas Sweetheart Dress 9591 $270
Sherri Hill Short Fitted Dress 55121 $698
Tiffany Long Dress 16070 $430
Sherri Hill Corset Dress 55425 $750
Portia and Scarlett Lace Dress PS24044 $659
Portia and Scarlett Prom Dress PS24148 $659
Vizcaya Beaded Dress 89360 $1,399
Vizcaya Long Dress 60143 $966
Vizcaya Corset Lace Up Dress 89255 $979
Vizcaya Corset Lace Up Dress 89366 $1,899
Vizcaya Long Dress 89353 $1,599
Primavera V Neck Dress 12151 $669
Tiffany Quinceanera Dress 56491 $1,170
Vizcaya Long Dress 89416 $1,399
Mary's Cap Sleeve Dress MQ1087 $938
Vizcaya Back Zipper Dress 89441 $1,399
Tiffany Quinceanera Dress 56494 $1,190
Tiffany Quinceanera Dress 56497 $990
Rachel Allan Quince Long Dress RQ1123 $1,078
Rachel Allan Quince Beaded Dress RQ3102 $1,698
Vizcaya Corset Dress 89401 $1,499
Primavera Beaded Dress 12157 $669
Jasz Couture Back Zipper Dress 7504 $1,010
Clarisse Sweetheart Dress 810792 $592
Tarik Ediz Long Dress 52010 $878
Vizcaya Lace Dress 89411 $1,499
Vizcaya Long Dress 60172 $1,350
Vizcaya Beaded Dress 60174 $1,399
Vizcaya Long Sleeve Dress 60156 $1,103
Vizcaya Long Sleeve Dress 34061 $1,628
Vizcaya Corset Lace Up Dress 60128 $880
Cape for Vizcaya Dress 89201 The Dress Sold Separate $282
Rachel Allan Quince RQ1137 $1,258
Tiffany Quinceanera Dress 26075 $1,790
Tiffany Quinceanera Dress 56499 $790
Rachel Allan Quince Beaded Dress RQ2176 $1,398
Rachel Allan Quince Long Dress RQ2178 $1,398
Rachel Allan Quince Long Sleeve Dress RQ3112 $1,738
Tarik Ediz Beaded Dress 52077 $1,298
Tarik Ediz Long Sleeve Dress 98304 $1,230
Rachel Allan Quince Long Dress RQ2167 $1,198

Long Sleeve Prom Dresses: Classy, Timeless & Elegant

Long sleeve prom dresses never go out of style. They offer a touch of sophistication and class for your special night. Our long sleeved prom gowns come in all lengths - long, short, tea length, and more. We have everything from slinky, smooth jersey styles to beaded, bedazzled lace mermaid gowns. Prom dresses with long sleeves also allow you to showcase gorgeous, dazzling jewelry and accessories.

Glitzy, Glamorous Sequin Long Sleeve Prom Dresses

One of our most popular, best-selling collections is our sequin long sleeve prom dresses. Nothing shines brighter, sparkles more, or stands out on the dance floor than these glamorous, gorgeous sequined looks. We carry long sleeve prom dresses fully covered from head to toe in colorful, vibrant sequins or styles with just a touch, a sprinkle, a dash of shine. Sequins add that extra pop and pizzazz while the long sleeves keep the look elegant and polished.

Try a Romantic, Dreamy Lace Prom Dress with Long Sleeves

Lace never fails when it comes to formal style and elegance. That's why our lace long sleeve prom dresses are top sellers and best-sellers year after year. From soft, airy Chantilly lace to bold, vivid re-embroidered looks, our long sleeved lace gowns are utterly romantic and breathtakingly feminine. Many long sleeved prom dresses also feature an illusion neckline or open back for added drama and allure. Complete the style with dainty jewelry for a mesmerizing look on your 2024 prom night.

More Top Trends: High Slits, Backless & Curve-Hugging Mermaid Cuts

While our collection of prom gowns with sleeves focuses on long sleeves above all, we also carry the top 2024 prom dress trends that are taking over this year. Popular looks include dangerously high slits, open and daring low backs, and stunning figure-hugging mermaid cuts. We intelligently combine these bold, brave trends with our trademark long sleeves for memorable, unforgettable fashion-forward styles. Browse our long sleeve prom dresses section to discover these head-turning open-back or va-va-voom mermaid silhouette looks.

Comfortable, Relaxed Long Sleeved Prom Gowns

While killer style is key, comfort is also vital for effortlessly dancing the night away at prom with energy and enthusiasm. Our long sleeve prom gowns are designed in soft, flowing, lightweight fabrics like breezy chiffon and slinky jersey. These materials move with you and feel like a second skin against your body. Prom gown with sleeves offer options like stretch lace, flexible mesh, and knit fabrics are cozy and flexible while providing elegant coverage from shoulder to wrist.

Long Sleeve Prom Dress FAQs

What stunning colors are popular for long sleeve prom dresses?

In 2024, rich, vibrant jewel tones reign supreme and stand out from the crowd. Cute long sleeve prom dresses with deep, punchy shades like emerald, ruby red, and midnight sapphire look striking and sensational for prom. Glitzy metallic hues like rose gold, champagne, and sterling silver are also dominating this year with their glow and glamour. Of course, enduring basics and classics like true black, ivory white, and navy blue never truly go out of favor for timeless elegance, either.

What dreamy length should I choose for a full sleeve prom dress?

Floor-length red carpet gowns suit long sleeves best for a super glam, celebrity-inspired look and entrance. But flirty tea length and short styles also pair beautifully with the added coverage on top. Choose the length of full sleeve prom dresses based on your height, proportions, and comfort level in towering heels vs simple flats.

What Perfectly Polished Jewelry Works Best with Long Sleeve Styles?

Simple, refined, and dainty jewelry is ideal for long sleeve prom dresses. Try a singular bold statement necklace, delicate tiny bracelet, and petite earrings, or an ornate, bedazzled hair comb tucked behind one ear. Since your arms will be covered up in fabric, keep the accessories minimal to let the long sleeve prom gown and your natural beauty take center stage. Shine the spotlight on you and your smile.