Stylish Long Sleeve Prom Dresses, Gowns & Long-Sleeved Homecoming Dresses

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Just Peachy Mermaid Dress 41002 $398 Quickview
Morilee Sexy Dress 46037 $538 Quickview
Tarik Ediz Fitted Dress 50756 $495 Quickview
Morilee Sexy Dress 46005 $450 Quickview
Sherri Hill Jersey Dress 54190 $550 Quickview
Rachel Allan Beaded Dress 70040 $538 Quickview
Morilee Long Dress 46040 $478 Quickview
Sherri Hill Fitted Dress 53447 $498 Quickview
Primavera Prom Dress 3614 $499 Quickview
Sherri Hill Beaded Dress 54233 $850 Quickview
La Femme Open Back Dress 28667 $398 Quickview
Vizcaya Quinceanera Gown 34024 $1,365 Quickview
Rachel Allan Short Dress 7026 $398 Quickview
Jovani Fitted Dress 60285 $590 Quickview
Jovani Dress 1707 $590 Quickview
Morilee Long Dress 43060 $490 Quickview
Alyce Long Sleeve Dress 60827 $318 Quickview
Vizcaya Strapless Dress 89248 $1,050 Quickview
Sherri Hill Corset Lace Up Dress 53247 $750 Quickview
Tarik Ediz Long Dress 93816 $690 Quickview
La Femme Long Sleeve Dress 28771 $438 Quickview
Sherri Hill Fitted Dress 53444 $798 Quickview
Tarik Ediz Sexy Dress 93854 $759 Quickview
Sherri Hill Off The Shoulder Dress 53876 $680 Quickview
Morilee Damas Dress 9520 $192 Quickview
Morilee Beaded Dress 43057 $398 Quickview
Sherri Hill Short Dress 53056 $650 Quickview
Portia and Scarlett Prom Dress PS6092 $1,299 Quickview
La Femme Long Sleeve Dress 28666 $438 Quickview
Vizcaya Lace Dress 60102 $838 Quickview
Vizcaya Long Dress 89153 $934 Quickview
Sherri Hill Short Dress 53059 $650 Quickview
Tarik Ediz Dress 93882 $570 Quickview
Valencia Sleeved Beaded Dress 60015 $710 Quickview
Vizcaya Long Dress 89235 $896 Quickview
Jasz Couture Open Back Dress 7137 $458 Quickview
Vizcaya Off The Shoulder Dress 60052 $664 Quickview
Sherri Hill Long Sleeve Dress 53443 $898 Quickview
Vizcaya Quinceanera Gown 89270 $1,418 Quickview
Sherri Hill Short Dress 54077 $298 Quickview

Choose Long-Sleeved Prom Presses for a Unique Look

There can be a number of reasons why you might have decided to look for long sleeve prom gowns. For some women and girls, long sleeves are a must for modesty reasons, but there’s no reason why you shouldn’t still enjoy a wide choice of prom dresses. Whether you want something form-fitting or with a little more coverage, such as a high neckline, you’re bound to find something that grabs your attention at Peaches Boutique and brings your individuality to the fore.

Long Sleeved Prom Dresses for Fall and Winter Events

Long-sleeved prom dresses are often a must for our local customers in Chicago, as this event is held in late September or October, so the weather is getting cooler. Peaches Boutique’s online shop allows customers from across the world to enjoy a wide range of weather-appropriate styles for prom, so you don’t need to cover your beautiful dress with a wrap or coat.

While weddings in the summer mean bare shoulders, many weddings now take place in the winter months, which means there has been more of a demand for formal dresses that have sleeves, whether they’re for bridesmaids or guests. Whatever your special occasion, Peaches Boutique has the sleeved dress that’ll work for you.

Make a Style Statement with a Short Long Sleeve Prom Dress

Wearing a long-sleeved dress doesn’t mean you have to be completely covered from head to toe. One trend that has emerged in recent years is wearing a short long sleeve prom dress, which allows you to wear a short length dress, without feeling like you’re showing too much skin.

Long-Sleeved Styles that Never Truly Go Out of Fashion

Long sleeves have become a popular style option in recent years, and they look great paired with features such as:

  • High low dresses – designers such as Sherri Hill often use the high low hemline, which is short at the front and long at the back.
  • A high slit – a popular look since Angelina Jolie wore an iconic black dress at the Oscars that showed off one leg, the high slit can add a daring touch to your dress
  • Bold colors – opting for a colorful dress will ensure you stand out when it comes to the prom photos. If it’s a black-tie event, then bright white is a classic choice, or you could be daring and go for red, which has been all over the catwalk recently
  • V-necklines – if you want a lower neckline, but are worried about following dress codes for prom, then long sleeve prom gowns help you strike a balance, so you don’t feel too much is on display

Choose a Classic Long-Sleeved Black Lace Prom Dress or opt for Bold Colors

Peaches Boutique offer most of our dress styles in a range of different colorways, so if you find the perfect silhouette, but the color doesn’t work for you, we can often help you find an alternative.

Whether you have decided to rock a long-sleeved black lace prom dress for a classic, stylish look, or want a bold print or a bright color, we can often find you the right combination of style and color. Most long sleeve fitted prom dresses are available in blue, black and other popular colors, while we also have some wilder styles for those who want to stand out.

Sort by Style to Find Your Perfect Long-Sleeved Dress

When people browse Peaches Boutique or visit our Chicago store, they often have a particular style in mind. For example, they may be looking for long sleeve fitted prom dresses that flatter their figure, or stylish cocktail dresses that are suitable for wedding guests, cruises and a range of other special events. That’s why we aim to offer the widest range of dresses possible, both online and in-store.

Use the menu on the left and you can choose from many different style options, so you get the perfect combination that works for you. Whether you want to only see long-sleeved black lace prom dresses, dresses A-line or fitted, or those with an open back, you are no more than a few clicks away from your perfect dress.

Ease of Shopping and Free Shipping Brings Your Big Unboxing Closer Than Ever

Let’s face it, going from store to store to find the right prom dress is hard work, so Peaches Boutique has made the process as simple as possible.

Some of the great things about shopping with us include:

  • A wide range of sizes – it’s frustrating to find your perfect dress, only to realize it’s not available in your size. At Peaches Boutique we cater for sizes from 000 to 30, so everyone can find long-sleeved prom dresses that fit them
  • Fast and free shipping – nobody wants to wait around for their gown, so we offer free shipping to customers in the USA, and you can even track your order, so you know when to expect your dress and when you’ll be able to do your big unboxing
  • A huge selection – if you are looking for something specific like a sleeved dress, it can be difficult to find at a local retailer. That’s why, in our 20,000 square foot Chicago store, and on our website, you can find so many options for even the most discerning girl
  • Avoid clashing – nobody wants to turn up to the prom in the same dress as another girl, so shop online for long sleeve prom gowns, and you can get a unique look that suits your personal style

Get a Top to Toe Look with Our Range of Shoes to Complement Your Long Sleeve Prom or Homecoming Dress

Peaches Boutique also offers a range of shoes to finish off your prom look, which is important if you’re going for a short long sleeve prom dress, as they can really finish off your outfit. From high heels to sparkly sneakers, we have all sorts of shoes that’ll work with a long sleeve prom dress, which you can add before checking out. You can then relax, safe in the knowledge that your special occasion outfit is in the bag, and that you’ll soon be wearing your amazing ensemble.