Stop wasting your time looking at racks of random plus size prom dresses. At Peaches Boutique, we stock a beautiful designer plus size prom dress collection catering to all girls of shapes and sizes. Our 2022 plus size dresses collection is created to make you feel empowered day and night. We want to be your go-to brand not just for plus size prom gowns but for plus size homecoming dresses as well. Shop with us today!


Designer Junior Plus Size Homecoming Dresses & Trendy Plus Size Prom Dresses Ideal for the Curvy Figure

At Peaches Boutique, we believe that individuality matters. And to honor this, we have been steadfast in upholding our promises since day one: to provide plus size prom dresses for women of all shapes and sizes. It is our mission to be a leader in delivering body-positive unique plus size prom dresses for all girls. Our plus size prom gowns from designers such as Faviana and Morilee come with silhouettes that hug at all the right places. Featuring fluttery sleeves, waist-defining accents, and sleek silhouettes, our glitzy junior plus size homecoming dresses are perfect for curvier figures. Have any questions about finding the perfect homecoming dress contact our sales team today!

Enjoy the Color Contrast with a Unique Plus Size Black Prom Dress or a Plus Size White Prom Dress

Are you going for a classic look? This time-honored plus size white prom dress is an all-time favorite. Though a white dress is a classic choice, you can never go wrong with black! These utterly gorgeous plus size black prom dresses possess that universally classic look that everyone wants. At Peaches Boutique, we strive to be the leader of plus size prom dress fashion, offering an endless selection of plus size ball gown prom dresses in a vast range of styles and sizes. Our goal is to foster inner style by encouraging girls to express themselves through our collection. Decked out in bold colors and shimmering fabrics, our unique plus size prom dresses are made for celebrating every teenage girl’s most joyous moments. And don't forget about homecomings. Our line of plus size short prom dresses and long prom gowns are perfect for making a statement on this big night! As your go-to boutique for prom dresses for plus size women, we offer fun and fashionable pieces of apparel that are perfect for every occasion.

Accentuate Your Hourglass Figure with Our Sexy Short Plus Size Homecoming Dresses & Elegant Long Sleeve Plus Size Prom Dresses

Plus size homecoming dresses with sleeves are a loud twist to high school prom dresses. Peaches Boutique aims to defy stereotypes and embrace inclusivity at once. As one of the first plus-size prom dress stores to launch in Chicago, we’ve got plenty of curvy prom dresses in every size imaginable. With styles ranging from short plus, size HOCO dresses to stylish plus size homecoming dresses with sleeves, and there’s just something for everyone. Find your perfect dress in our fabulous plus size homecoming dress selection and long sleeve plus size prom dresses today!

Ranging From Size 16 to Size 24 Peaches Boutique’s 2022 Trendy Plus Size Prom & Dance Dresses Will Make You Feel Special

Though most shops are geared towards petite ladies, we can't forget about those with curves! Check out the best plus size prom dresses 2022 collection today! They come in all sizes, from size 18 homecoming dresses to a size 24 prom dress. We specialize in offering a premium and exclusive line of prom dresses for plus size women. With sizes available from a size 16 prom dress to a size 24 prom dress, it’s easy to stay on top of the fashion this year.

Cute Plus Size Prom Dresses 2022: The Best Plus Size Prom Gowns & Plus Size HOCO Dress Collection Available Online

Channel your inner princess with our plus size pink prom dresses. We also have purple plus size prom dresses with embellishments that add femininity and glamour to your overall look. Purple plus size prom dresses are a great option, especially when you wish to exude elegance. Nothing says summer like a yellow plus size prom dress. Indeed, a cute yellow prom dress exudes positive, cheerful energy like no other. Shop at Chicago's premier destination for the newest prom dresses for curvy figure women.

Make a Red Carpet Statement at HOCO with a Unique Plus Size Homecoming Dress People Will Not Forget

With the homecoming season in full swing, finding the perfect black plus size homecoming dresses amongst the crowds of women going for the same styles can be a bit of a challenge. We carry black plus size homecoming dresses in different styles, including black short plus size homecoming dresses, strapless, and off-the-shoulder styles.

Top Designer Sexy Plus Size Prom Dresses That Will Tantalize & Enhance Your Curves in the Right Places

Channel the likes of Sherri Hill, Jovani, and La Femme prom dresses for a curvy figure with a modern and unique twist. Choose from our selection of trendy plus size prom dresses for truly chic and versatile options. From plus size long prom dresses for a delicate look to figure-flattering plus size short prom dresses, all dresses are made spectacular by their one-of-a-kind designs. Check out the new arrivals of curvy prom dresses at Peaches Boutique today!

Want to buy a Red Plus Size Prom Dress or a Perhaps Blue Plus Size Prom Dress But Are Unsure About The Size? Speak To Us Today!

Peaches Boutique will have something for every lady to wear in this glitzy season! Make it a night to remember with an emerald green prom dress plus size. All short plus size long prom dresses come in a luxurious fashion fabric with a sublime lining and are adorned with intricate details. An emerald green prom dress plus size and blue plus size prom dress are reminiscent of royalty with a hint of maturity. The summery yellow plus size prom dress is guaranteed to turn heads. Be bold and rock the runway with a red plus size prom dress that’s sure to turn heads. Perhaps you want something bright and royal? Then go for this green plus size prom dress!

Want To Purchase That Stunning Plus Size Mermaid Prom Dress But Need Fast Shipping, No Worries!

Modern proms have drifted away from the outdated shackles that kept them in check for too long. Gone are the days of traditional plus size prom gowns and dresses with long-gently flared skirts. Go non-traditional with these unique plus size prom dresses. Shop for a prom-ready designer plus size mermaid prom dress with unique craftsmanship and exquisite details for the most stylish events. Our plus size black prom dresses are beyond stylish, especially with a mermaid-cut bodice that fans out at the bottom of the skit. No one can resist the allure of glitters and sequined embellishments in this gold plus size prom dress. Whoever wears a gold plus size prom dress is guaranteed to get noticed. Dare to be bold by wearing sexy plus size prom dresses. Or go for a vibrant look with this green plus size prom dress. Peaches Boutique’s collection of purple and plus size pink prom dresses create a chic and irresistible look. Get free international shipping for cute plus size prom dresses only at Peaches Boutique!

If You Order a Size 18 Prom Dress & It Doesn’t Fit, Don’t Worry! Our Returns Policy Covers ALL Plus Size Prom & Dance Dresses Sold Online

Can’t seem to find the dress that fits just right? Peaches Boutique focuses on providing high-quality fashion items at an affordable price point. We understand that ordering plus homecoming dresses and one of those plus size ball gown prom dresses is a significant undertaking, and our return policy was created with this in mind. The return policy applies to all plus size prom & dance dresses and can be returned within three days upon the date of purchase. As a customer-oriented fashion boutique, we want to give our customers the ultimate shopping experience. 

Plus Size Prom Dress & Plus Size Homecoming Dress FAQs

How do I find the perfect plus size prom dress?

The perfect prom dress is something you will never forget. So, make sure your outfit lives up to the memories and photos of this special night! At Peaches Boutique, we have size 18 homecoming dresses and a size 24 prom dress for curvier figures. Come in at our store and try on our size 18 prom dress and size 22 prom dress to ensure the perfect fit.

Do Peaches Boutique stock the latest designer plus size homecoming dresses for 2022?

Our plus homecoming dresses are always in stock and ready to be delivered any time of the day! No waiting in lines, no last-minute scrambles for the perfect plus size homecoming dress. With our large selection of designer plus size HOCO dresses, we have everything on hand. Whether it's your first homecoming or just needing a new look, we have the perfect dress for you!

What popular plus size prom dress colors do Peaches Boutique have in stock?

At Peaches Boutique, we have an exclusive collection of the best plus size prom dresses, and we offer them in a wide variety of color options. From subdued pastels to bright colors, you’re sure to find the dress color that best suits your style. We have a size 16 prom dress and an even larger size 22 prom dress in many colors.