The search for your perfect red prom dress is over. Here at Peaches Boutique, we host over 30,000 dresses set over 20,000 square feet. So, should you not be looking for red prom dresses or red homecoming dresses we have something for every taste and budget. The red dress portrays temptation, femininity, seduction, and provocation and at Peaches Boutique, we have it all under one roof (or on one website). Red affects us in strange ways, in some cases casting a magic spell of imminent attraction. An inspiration for artists of ancient times to the present day including prom dress designers, it’d be hard to imagine a world without this most passionate of color. At peaches Boutique, we have red prom gowns and red sexy prom dresses from ruby, all the way to blood red so you’ll never be left stuck for choice.
Sherri Hill Long Dress 51631 $398 Quickview
Sherri Hill Taffeta Dress 51671 $350 Quickview
Jovani Fitted Dress 60283 $590 Quickview
Sherri Hill Fitted Dress 53434 $450 Quickview
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Morilee Dress 45027 $398 Quickview
Just Peachy Prom Dress 41006 $198 Quickview
Sherri Hill Corset Lace Up Dress 53394 $498 Quickview
Blush Lace Dress 11905 $250 Quickview
Sherri Hill Long Dress 53355 $550 Quickview
Morilee V Neck Dress 43089 $478 Quickview
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Sherri Hill Short Dress 54019 $298 Quickview
Jovani Fitted Dress 60285 $590 Quickview
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Morilee V Neck Dress 45096 $730 Quickview
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Tarik Ediz Fitted Dress 50618 $528 Quickview
Sherri Hill Short Dress 52156 $350 Quickview
Tiffany Dress 16411 $298 Quickview
Sherri Hill Taffeta Dress 51822 $450 Quickview
Tarik Ediz Long Dress 50722 $438 Quickview
Morilee Dress 45031 $730 Quickview
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Vizcaya Quinceanera Gown 89168 $774 Quickview
Alyce Fitted Dress 60863 $280 Quickview

Unleash Your Passion & Emotion with a Red Prom Dress

Our red prom dresses, not only to be associated with passion, emotion, and temptation, red can also symbolize other emotions such as sin, guilt, and above all - anger. The bible states: "Though your sins be as scarlet, they shall be white as snow." A general view that was adopted from Hebrew to Christianity, the color red representing betrayal and murder, because you’re going to absolutely kill it at prom night in one of our red strapless prom dresses

Browse Our Selection Red Prom Dresses & Blood Red Homecoming Dresses in Short & Long Styles

Red also portrays feelings such as sacrifice and courage. What better way to demonstrate your pluckiness and bravery? Browse our epic selection of cute red lace prom dresses, the timeless and cosmopolitan long red prom dresses, or our alluring red tight prom dresses or perhaps opt for a sassy short red prom dress, you’re sure to not be disappointed. Examples of red being used to represent courage was mainly used in Europe during the middle ages in the form of their flags, portraying blood spilt in battle. Maybe you could spill some figurative blood in the battle of romance with our enviable ball gown selection, semi-formal dresses and prom dresses. Or perhaps you’ll opt for a simple yet vibrant party dress. We have a massive range of dresses from the demure to the sexy to the innocent in different shades of red to suit your individual skin tone, so if you’re looking for a unique red homecoming dress or red prom dress, we have it all at peaches Boutique.

Blood Red Prom Gowns to Ruby Red Sexy Prom Dresses We Have got You Covered

As mentioned earlier red is mainly associated with lust, passion, love and also beauty. It is believed that the ancient Greeks regarded red as a symbol of love, as well as a sacrifice (aren’t they mutually exclusive?). Psychologists have often shown in research that men find women wearing red better looking, especially in a blood-red ballgown. Sounds like a good excuse to check out our red homecoming dresses, red prom gown, red strapless prom dresses or a ruby red sexy prom dress.

Warning! Red Sexy Prom Dress at Peaches Boutique!

Due to its high visibility and acceptance as a symbol of danger in our general consciousness, red is used for stop signs in various countries throughout the world. And what’s more dangerous than a girl in a red dress? Check out Peaches Boutique’s red ball gown prom dress, seductive dark red prom dresses with a Sweetheart neckline or red sexy prom dress and see just how dangerously attractive you could look.

The Ndembu Probably Don’t Wear Strapless Red Prom Dresses

Don’t worry, you’d be forgiven not having a clue how to pronounce Ndembu (the ‘N’ is silent apparently). This central African nation rub themselves with red during religious ceremonies. Interestingly, the Ndembu see red as ambivalent, not as good as white but better than black so therefore probably wouldn’t wear red strapless prom dresses. Because of its associations with death in some parts of Africa, the Red Cross has been forced to change its colors to green and white in some parts of the African continent. At Peaches boutique, you’ll find an enormous range of dresses be it strapless prom dresses or maybe one of our seductive red lace homecoming dresses.

Possess Prosperity in a Red Lace Homecoming Dress or Red Tight Prom Dress

Long associated with prosperity in ancient China, or hong as it is known in the middle kingdom, our red friend not only represents financial security, it is also the color mostly seen at weddings, where brides are traditionally seen wearing elaborate red dresses. A Hong bao or ‘lucky money’ as it’s known in the west is gifted from elder to younger during Lunar New Year. Why not bring yourself some luck (or someone else luck) next Spring Festival with our huge variety of red lace homecoming dresses, long red prom dresses or one of our red tight prom dresses from Peaches Boutique?

Rock the Dark Red Prom Gowns and Dresses with Peaches Boutique

Peaches Boutique is your very own emporium of dress delight and we host a huge range of red dresses, be it for a prom, homecoming event or pretty much any other occasion you can think of. Looking for that short red prom dress, red ball gown prom dress, or wish to peruse our dark red prom dresses, or even find your ideal red homecoming dress (or homecoming dresses?) Well, you’ll find it all here at Peaches Boutique. Browse our prom dress collection where you can find dresses in all shades of red, dark red, red lace and bright red. Should you be going for a more sophisticated look through our selection of fitted ball gowns and elegant semi-formal dresses, and you’ll no doubt find precisely what you’re looking for.

How Do I Get My Hands on One of These Awesome Red Prom Dresses?

Whether you’re looking for a red prom dress fit for a super-formal occasion our fine selection of red homecoming dresses, feel free to swing by the store at 5915 South Archer Ave. Chicago, IL 60638. Or, if you happen to live outside of the Chicago area, we offer free shipping.

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