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Find the Perfect Size for your Form Fitted Prom Dress

When opting for a fitted gown, it’s important to get a look that fits and flatters, so that starts by getting the right size. When shopping for form-fitting prom dresses, you’ll notice there’s a size chart next to each item, this allows you to see measurements for:

  • Bust
  • Waist
  • Hips
  • International sizing

This ensures that once your fitted prom dress arrives, it’s as flattering and well-fitted as possible. We offer dresses from 000 to 30, so girls of any size looking for form-fitting prom dresses can find the style they want.

Some prom gowns need some alterations to get the right fit, so Peaches Boutique can either recommend someone local to Chicago to tailor your dress, or you can take it somewhere local to you. A few nips and tucks can elevate your dress and make it look like it was made just for you.

Having trouble with measurements? It’s worth either dropping into our store or visiting a local seamstress or tailor. We also have a guide to how to take measurements on our site, so you can be sure you get it right.

Choose a Tight-Fitting Homecoming Dress for Semi-Formal events

Peaches Boutique offers dresses for all sorts of occasions, and that includes homecoming, where there is usually a semi-formal dress code. That’s why we have tight homecoming dresses in stock and in-store, so if you are looking for short dresses, you have plenty of choices.

Form-fitting homecoming dresses are ideal for occasions where you want to look amazing, need to be kind of formal, yet still want something that has a party vibe. You can choose a tight-fitting homecoming dress in all sorts of lengths, from mini to midi, so all you need to do is add some sparkly shoes and you have the perfect homecoming look. Form-fitting homecoming dresses look great in classic black, bold red, or even unique colors like green, so there are plenty of ways to style your look.

Fitted Dresses & Gowns to suit your Body Type, Shape & Size

No matter what your shape and size, Peaches Boutique can find fitted gowns that work for you. Fitted dresses come in a number of silhouettes to suit different shapes, so look out for:

  • Mermaid – a fitted dress which usually flares out at the knee, mermaid is one of the most popular styles of fitted gowns for prom and other special occasions. This is ideal for women who want to show off their curves and make a big style impact
  • Column/ sheath – this type of dress has a fitted bodice with a straight skirt that skims over your hips. It’s a classic, understated look, whether you choose short or long dresses in this silhouette, and while they suit people who have tall or athletic body types, they can work for all sorts of shapes. Features such as high slits or strapless necklines can add a daring touch
  • Fit and flare – this style of formal dress is fitted at the top, then flares out at the waist, so it has a slightly more modest style. It’s great for those who want to accentuate their top half, but skim over the bottom or just those who are looking for something with a princess-y style

While certain fitted dresses can suit certain body types, it’s important not to get too hung up on whether a dress is ‘right’ for your shape. If you love a certain style, then work it. As long as it’s properly fitted, you’ll feel great.

Choose a Tight Fit Prom Dress with Embellishments or Sparkly Features

When you choose a tight fit prom dress, it’s important to focus on the right fabric and textures, to get the look you are picturing. Peaches Boutique offers a range of designer prom dresses, which come in luxe fabrics such as lace and jacquard and are finished off with beading, sequins and more to ensure you get the sparkly finish you want.

A tight fit prom dress can also be great in classic black or darker tones, with a look that’s finished off with statement jewelry and a clutch. This kind of sophisticated, chic look is one that you can wear again and again, and it never goes out of style.

Shop online or Visit Peaches Boutique for Form Fitting Prom Dresses

If you are searching for form-fitting prom dresses, simply use the options on our website to narrow down the style you want, from an open back to sleeves. Or make an appointment to visit our Chicago showroom, where you can try lots of different options to get the look you’ve always wanted. We also offer easy returns, so if your dress doesn’t fit perfectly, we can easily exchange it for one that does.