2018 Fitted Prom Dresses

If you’ve got the curves, why not show them; opt for a fitted dress for this 2018 prom. Whether you like sexy cutouts, prefer a high neckline with an intriguing open back, or won’t consider anything but mermaid silhouettes, there is an impeccable fitted prom gown that is right for you. Fitted gowns are great for showing off your figure. You can choose from simple jersey pieces with minimal bead work and thigh high slits, to stunning strapless mermaids with lace or rhinestone embellishments, to the trendy two-piece dress with satin fit and flare skirts. If you will settle for nothing less than a fitted dress completely bedazzled pick from heavily beaded silhouettes or head to toe sequined gowns. 

Fitted short dresses are a great alternative to full length gowns. You can choose from fitted strapless minis, to lace embroidered halters, to unique one shoulder silhouettes. Embrace your female form with a fitted prom dress and be set for an unforgettable night.

Mori Lee Dress 42094 $350 Quickview
Sherri Hill Dress 51939 $550 Quickview
Mori Lee Dress 42025 $370 Quickview
Mori Lee Dress 42089 $450 Quickview
Jovani Dress 55414 $550 Quickview
Sherri Hill Dress 51840 $480 Quickview
Blush Dress C1052 $278 Quickview
Sherri Hill Dress 51671 $350 Quickview
Sherri Hill Dress 51743 $680 Quickview
Tiffany Dress 16263 $369 Quickview
Sexy Navy Beaded Blush Dress 11038 $499 Quickview
Sherri Hill Dress 51947 $350 Quickview
Mori Lee Dress 42118 $338 Quickview
Mori Lee Dress 42058 $398 Quickview
Sherri Hill Dress 51806 $350 Quickview
Jovani Dress 55187 $500 Quickview
Sherri Hill Dress 51737 $698 Quickview
Mori Lee Dress 42128 $398 Quickview
Sherri Hill Dress 51207 $698 Quickview
Rachel Allan Dress 6190 $478 Quickview
Sean Sexy Cut Out Dress 50708 $358 Quickview
Mori Lee Dress 42132 $350 Quickview
Mori Lee Dress 42103 $418 Quickview
Sean Dress 51057 $338 Quickview
Sherri Hill Dress 51756 $650 Quickview
Mori Lee Dress 42116 $398 Quickview
Mori Lee Dress 42056 $358 Quickview
Mori Lee Dress 42136 $458 Quickview
Mori Lee Dress 42120 $418 Quickview
Mori Lee Dress 42020 $398 Quickview
V- Neckline Fitted Jovani Dress 47075 $550 Quickview
Long Lace Dress Sherri Hill 51616 $698 Quickview
Mori Lee Dress 42106 $298 Quickview
Mori Lee Dress 42057 $350 Quickview
Sherri Hill Dress 52042 $398 Quickview
Rachel Allan Dress 6179 $478 Quickview
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