If you're all about flattering silhouettes, dainty laces, and elaborate embroidery, and don’t shy away from bold shades, Morilee by Madeline Gardner is for you. Morilee prom dresses and homecoming ensembles have quintessential silhouettes with a touch of the fashion-forward aesthetic of contemporary styles. With beads of crystals or sequins intricately sewn into luxurious fabrics, Morilee homecoming dresses and prom masterpieces will bring you that unique and whimsical look that transcends through time.

Morilee Prom Dress 48034 $549
Morilee Open Back Dress 49037 $429
Morilee Corset Dress 48030 $479
Morilee Satin Dress 49027 $429
Morilee Strapless Dress 49016 $549
Morilee Long Dress 49001 $495
Morilee Corset Dress 49020 $399
Morilee Fitted Dress 43032 $499
Morilee Back Zipper Dress 49049 $649
Morilee Corset Dress 48017 $649
Morilee Sweetheart Dress 49007 $595
Morilee Corset Dress 49004 $429
Morilee Satin Dress 49038 $495
Morilee Strapless Dress 49002 $649
Morilee Prom Dress 48025 $649
Morilee A Line Dress 47056 $539
Morilee Prom Dress 48003 $570
Morilee Fitted Dress 49032 $385
Morilee Fitted Dress 49025 $349
Morilee Corset Dress 48027 $579
Morilee V Neck Dress 43089 $615
Morilee A Line Dress 47044 $790
Morilee Jersey Dress 49061 $399
Morilee Fitted Dress 48076 $458
Morilee Back Zipper Dress 49072 $1,076
Morilee Long Dress 49044 $475
Morilee Beaded Dress 48056 $539
Morilee Sweetheart Dress 49081 $449
Morilee Lace Dress 47085 $575
Morilee Corset Dress 49017 $499
Morilee Long Dress 49047 $649
Morilee A Line Dress 49011 $449
Morilee Corset Lace Up Dress 49021 $695
Morilee Beaded Dress 49034 $649
Morilee Beaded Dress 49040 $625
Morilee Fitted Dress 49041 $495
Morilee Back Zipper Dress 49045 $595
Morilee Fitted Dress 49060 $745
Morilee Open Back Dress 49076 $549
Morilee Back Zipper Dress 49083 $649
Morilee Off The Shoulder Dress 49085 $429
Morilee Beaded Dress 47002 $518
Morilee Long Dress 49023 $649
Morilee Long Dress 49009 $475
Morilee Corset Dress 49050 $495
Morilee Fitted Dress 49024 $475
Morilee Corset Dress 49008 $695
Morilee Off The Shoulder Dress 49018 $549
Morilee V Neck Dress 49014 $625
Morilee Beaded Dress 49012 $475

Explore the 2024 Morilee Madeline Gardner Prom Dress Collection at Peaches Boutique

A Morilee Madeline Gardner prom dress is waiting for you at Peaches Boutique. With our wide selection, you will find a Morilee prom dress that matches you. Morilee by Madeline Gardner will have you glistening in crystals and sparkling fabrics.

This year, be clad with one of the most beloved brands in the world, Morilee by Madeline Gardner. Our stock of Morilee Madeline Gardner dresses ranges from Morilee short prom dresses to elegant long prom dresses and body-skimming dresses in different sizes and colors, so you will find one that you will look confident and elegant in on your big night!

Morilee Prom Dresses and Morilee Homecoming Dresses Using Contemporary and Timeless Designs

For the lady who goes for classic styles with a modern twist, the sensual Morilee homecoming dresses and the show-stopping elegant Morilee prom dresses are a perfect choice.

Morilee by Madeline Gardner mixes archetypal designs with contemporary ones. Morilee homecoming dresses and prom gowns never go out of style, delighting generations of ladies all over the world.

Morilee, Founded in New York City in 1953, has Developed Into a Leading Designer for Weddings, Bridesmaids, Quinceañera, and Prom Dresses.

Before becoming one of the big brands the world adores, Morilee by Madeline Gardner sprang from a humble beginning. A Morilee dress once only meant bridal wear. Now, Morilee prom dresses and gowns for occasions like quinceanera are capturing the taste of women across the globe. From a small family-run business with a few shops in NY, you can now find Madeline Gardner prom dresses in thousands of dress shops in more than 80 countries.

Madeline Gardner, the designer behind the Morilee by Madeline Gardner brand, spearheads the creation of those Madeline Gardner prom dresses and other stunning pieces from her New York Design Studio for the seven Morilee dress collections: Madeline Gardner, Julietta, AF Couture, The Other White Dress, Blu, Grace, and Voyage. She’s always in pursuit of the finest fabrics to craft the latest Morilee 2-piece prom dress design, among others, for her sophisticated muses - women of all sizes, shapes, and ages.

Why Does Everyone Love Madeline Gardner Dresses? The Lead Designer of Morilee Dresses Never Disappoints!

Morilee by Madeline Gardner is for ladies of all sizes. A Morilee dress is created to bring out the wearer’s natural beauty to the spotlight through timeless and contemporary designs. Hand-stitched, the dress feels custom-tailored when it’s from Morilee. Madeline Gardner puts emphasis on the equal importance of how a dress adds to your looks and how it makes you feel. Madeline Gardner's prom dresses are designed to be comfortable and tailored to perfection.

Morilee Madeline Gardner dresses are among the most versatile pieces, wearable for different occasions, from prom and homecoming to weddings. Morilee by Madeline Gardner features a tasteful infusion of fabrics such as floral taffeta, beaded jersey, and metallic lace, among many others, into daring fitted prom dress styles. The brand also offers a broad spectrum of bold and vibrant colors - from a daring Morilee red prom dress to a demure Morilee pink prom dress.

Wide Selection of Morilee Dresses in Many Different Colors, Including Pink, Red, Blue, Green, and Purple, to Name a Few

Morilee by Madeline Gardner uses rich fabrics in a wide variety of colors that capture attention right from your entrance. Be clad with vivacity in a Morilee pink prom dress or mystery in a Morilee purple prom dress, among many others.

Leave behind a trail of admiring glances in stand-out colors from the Morilee by Madeline Gardner collection. If it’s not pink or purple, a Morilee blue prom dress, as well as a Morilee red prom dress, have always been head-turners. Ladies have also been showing up in a Morilee green prom dress, looking calm and cool. So regardless of if you prefer a hot pink prom dress with slits, a firey short red prom dress, or an emerald green prom dress Madeline Gardner at Morilee has something special in store for you.

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Without leaving home, you can find the best deals for the dress of your dreams from Peaches Boutique’s selection of Morilee by Madeline Gardner. In no time, you can browse through all our Morilee short dresses and long dresses by price, size, color, style, and occasion. As among the authorized Morilee online retailers, rest assured that all dresses are authentic.

Buy Morilee dresses online, and rest assured, we won’t sell to another lady in your event the same color that you get from Morilee by Madeline Gardner. With the online rewards program, you receive $10 for every referred friend who buys, for example, a Morilee 2-piece prom dress at full price.

Looking for the Best Morilee Prom Dress Prices? Look No Further Than Peaches Boutique!

The Morilee Madeline Gardner prom dress collection itself includes dresses with luxurious details at affordable prices, and Morilee by Madeline Gardner is a brand Peaches Boutique has carried for many years now. Our Morilee prom dress prices range from $99-$1,299.

Morilee by Madeline Gardner is among the world’s most revered brands, and you can order Morilee dresses online at cheaper prices through Peaches Boutique. As one of the top Morilee online retailers, we have collected a wide range of their sexy prom dresses, with some being sold at marked-down prices to make space for new designs.

Madeline Gardner and Morilee Dresses FAQs

Where do Morilee's dresses come from?

Each Morilee dress begins as a sketch by Madeline Gardner in the brand’s design studio in New York City. The designs of Morilee by Madeline Gardner are inspired by what the designer sees on the streets of NYC as well as the women who wear her creations. Seasoned dressmakers at Morilee by Madeline Gardner will then hand stitch the design into life using luxurious fabrics, resulting in the most exquisite and elegant dresses. If you’re looking for that perfect hue of Morilee green prom dress or the most stunning Morilee blue prom dress, Peaches Boutique is the best place to start.

Is Madeline Gardner the head designer of Morilee dresses?

She is. She leads the Morilee by Madeline Gardner brand as creative director and head designer. Morilee by Madeline Gardner is the result of her creativity, which began in bridal wear. For more than two decades, her vision for the now well-regarded Morilee dress has helped successfully transition the once small family-run business of Morilee gowns from bridal fashion into evening wear for other special occasions and events, such as prom and homecoming, where Morilee short dresses are also sought after.

How long has Morilee been in business designing dresses?

Having started in 1953 before the brand became known as Morilee by Madeline Gardner, the company has been designing various types of Morilee dress creations for 70 years now. From creating and selling Morilee gowns for weddings at select NYS shops, Morilee by Madeline Gardner has now partnered with over three thousand stores around the world. They have included niches outside of bridal fashion. Nowadays, ladies can get their hands on Morilee short prom dresses and other styles of the brand for different occasions.

Where are Morilee dresses manufactured?

That exquisite Morilee green prom dress that has caught your attention, as well as those equally gorgeous Morilee gowns in other shades, took shape in the NYC studio of Morilee by Madeline Gardner out of the sketches of Madeline Gardner. The resulting Morilee dress collections are then sold to authorized retailers, including Peaches Boutique, where you can easily order Morilee dresses online. Known for luxurious details, Morilee by Madeline Gardner complement their dresses with impeccable lacework and glittering embellishments that bring out the sparkle in the wearer’s eyes. This year’s collection will continue to feature, among others, multiple layers of lace, graphic patterns created out of beads, and a wide range of silhouettes that flatter every body type. You may find that shades such as a Morilee blue prom dress and a Morilee purple prom dress continue to be popular choices for this year’s prom.