Princesa Quinceañera Dresses

Youthful and charming, the Princesa by Mon Cheri collection features designer Ellie Wilde’s fresh take on Quinceañera dresses in fun vibrant colors, incredible bead work and tasteful designs. Providing exquisite ball gowns crafted from quality fabrics, Ellie Wilde gives the voluminous Quinceañera silhouette a new life with delicate, intricate beading and superb lace fit for royalty. In keeping with tradition, every style is offered in White and up to size 26 and also includes either a shawl or a matching bolero jacket. Come check out the regal Princesa by Mon Cheri's Ellie Wilde at Peaches Boutique in Chicago today.
Princesa Corset Dress PR30152 $1,889
Princesa Corset Lace Up Dress PR30153 $1,889
Princesa Long Dress PR30154 $1,889
Princesa Cap Sleeve Dress PR30155 $1,679
Princesa Cap Sleeve Dress PR30156 $1,679
Princesa Corset Lace Up Dress PR30157 $1,679
Princesa Corset Lace Up Dress PR30158 $1,889
Princesa Ball Gowns Dress PR30159 $1,679
Princesa Cap Sleeve Dress PR30160 $1,679
Princesa Ball Gowns Dress PR30161 $2,099
Princesa Ball Gowns Dress PR30162 $1,679
Princesa Lace Dress PR30163 $1,679
Princesa Corset Dress PR30131 $1,889
Princesa Cap Sleeve Dress PR30132 $1,889
Princesa Long Dress PR30133 $1,889
Princesa Corset Dress PR30134 $1,679
Princesa Long Dress PR30135 $1,889
Princesa Beaded Dress PR30136 $1,889
Princesa Beaded Dress PR30138 $1,889
Princesa Lace Dress PR30139 $2,099
Princesa Lace Dress PR30111 $1,889
Princesa Lace Dress PR30112 $1,889
Princesa Cap Sleeve Dress PR30113 $1,679
Princesa Long Dress PR30114 $1,679
Princesa Beaded Dress PR30115 $1,679
Princesa Beaded Dress PR30116 $1,679
Princesa Long Dress PR30117 $1,679
Princesa Beaded Dress PR30118 $1,679
Princesa Beaded Dress PR30119 $1,469
Princesa Long Dress PR30120 $1,469
Princesa Beaded Dress PR30121 $1,679
Princesa Long Dress PR12261 $1,595
Princesa Beaded Dress PR12262 $1,469
Princesa V Neck Dress PR12263 $1,469
Princesa Beaded Dress PR12264 $1,469
Princesa Long Dress PR12265 $1,679
Princesa Off The Shoulder Dress PR12266 $1,679
Princesa V Neck Dress PR12267 $1,259
Princesa Long Dress PR12268 $1,679
Princesa Beaded Dress PR12270 $1,259
Princesa V Neck Dress PR12271 $1,595
Princesa Off The Shoulder Dress PR12274 $1,679
Princesa Lace Dress PR12275 $1,595
Princesa Beaded Dress PR22141CAPE $419
Princesa Corset Lace Up Dress PR22141 $1,679
Princesa Corset Lace Up Dress PR22143 $1,469
Princesa Corset Lace Up Dress PR22144 $1,365
Princesa V Neck Dress PR22144B $1,365
Princesa Beaded Dress PR22145 $1,259
Princesa Corset Lace Up Dress PR22146 $1,469
How can I pick the perfect Princesa ballgown?

Princesa gowns come in a beautiful variety of colors, from opulent jewel tones to soft pastels. These show stopping dresses have beautifully embellished bodices with your choice of zipper closures or corset style lace up to cinch your waist. Billowing skirts range from intricate lace to flowing tulle to a unique combination of both. These dresses feature youthful and one of a kind details, such as billowing sleeves, bold embroidery, and asymmetrical ruffles that make it easy to show off your personal sense of style on this important day. With so many colors and styles to choose from, you are sure to find the right Princesa dress for your special day.