Primavera Dresses

Imagine stunning, modern formalwear in original, beaded designs at a great price – that's what Primavera dresses are all about. Primavera Couture is a premier designer who showcases fresh floral patterns in vibrant colorful beads – or neutral looks with beading that accentuates your curves. Whether you're prepping for prom, homecoming, or another unforgettable night, our Primavera Couture dresses give you that wow factor we all crave.


Why should I wear a Primavera Couture dress?Primavera prom dresses are truly works of art. These intricate gowns showcase gorgeous sequins and beadwork that make their dresses stand out from the crowd. Flowing fringe, vibrant flowers, and sexy slits can all be seen on these show-stopping dresses. If figure hugging gowns aren't your first choice, Primavera also offers flattering jumpsuits covered head to toe in ornate beadwork which are sure to make a statement at your next event. If you are looking for a modest dress, there are also many options which feature long sleeves and high backs, proving you don't have to sacrifice style to wear something you are comfortable in.

These ultra feminine gowns are perfect for a variety of occasions from school dances to pageants to over the top weddings. Primavera prom dresses are also a popular choice every year, with trendy fitted dresses adorned with unique beaded patterns. Whether you like to rock a high neckline or a sexy V-neck, beaded fringe or simple geometric beadwork, there is something for everyone. These dresses flatter your figure while shining from every angle with glistening embellishments that are sure to have all eyes on you. Shop Peaches Boutique for our large selection and browse our new 2023 Primavera dresses.