Scala Prom Dresses

Scala prom dress collection, designed by SCALA Eveningwear Inc., has been in business for more than 27 years; they have managed to maintain a great reputation worldwide. Sold under BG Haute as well, Scala offers dresses that do not only look great but fit extraordinarily. Most famously known for their beaded designs, Scala has managed to evolve throughout the years without losing their signature style.  Choose from an array of metallic colors to vibrant jewel tones. Scala offers fully sequined silhouettes with straight across necklines and the ever popular cap sleeves.

If you want to make your back the main focus choose Scala’s fully open back designs or crisscross strappy backs.  If you are worried a fully embellished dress will be too heavy for you opt for Scala’s super affordable short dresses. Scala’s dresses feature slim embellished pieces that are excellent for a cocktail party. Whether you are more reserved and want a high neckline or a sweetheart neckline to accentuate your curves, Scala makes it possible to have various options to pick from. Order your ideal Scala prom dress today and work your own red carpet at your 2018 prom.  

Scala Dress 48710 $478 Quickview
Open Back Scala Prom Dress 47542 $358 Quickview
Scala Long Sequins Dress 48467 $378 Quickview
Scala Fitted Long Dress 48696 $358 Quickview
Scala Dress 48787 $498 Quickview
Fully Beaded Scala Dress 47551 $358 Quickview
High Neckline Fitted Scala Dress 48690 $398 Quickview
Scala Dress 48784 $438 Quickview
Strapless Beaded Scala Dress 48707 $438 Quickview
Sexy Open Back Scala Prom Dress 48584 $298 Quickview
Scala Fitted Long Dress 48625 $398 Quickview
Scala Cut Out Back Prom Dress 48389 $358 Quickview
Beaded Long Scala Dress 48721 $498 Quickview
Scala Dress 48793 $458 Quickview
Scala Dress 48821 $218 Quickview
Scala Dress 48831 $418 Quickview
Scala Sequin Cap Sleeve Short Dress 48484 $238 Quickview
Scala Dress 25423 $258 Quickview
Scala Dress 48750 $298 Quickview
Scala Dress 48776 $278 Quickview
Scala Dress 48737 $258 Quickview
Scala Dress 48747 $218 Quickview
Scala Fitted Short Dress 48728 $258 Quickview
Scala Dress 48738 $238 Quickview
Scala Dress 48742 $258 Quickview
Scala Dress 48754 $318 Quickview
Scala Dress 48766 $278 Quickview
Scala Short Fitted Dress 48642 $258 Quickview
Scala High Neckline Beaded Dress 48638 $198 Quickview
Scala Long Sleeved Cocktail Short Dress 48377 $278 Quickview
Scala Beaded Navy Short Long Sleeve Dress 48356 $238 Quickview
Scala Dress 48782 $218 Quickview
Scala Dress 48783 $438 Quickview
Scala Dress 48786 $458 Quickview
Scala Dress 48788 $478 Quickview
Scala Dress 48790 $438 Quickview
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