Stylish High Low Prom Dresses, Prom Gowns & High Low Homecoming Dresses

High low prom dresses are a fun and unique style that are also sometimes known as fishtail, asymmetrical hem, or waterfall skirts. They come in different silhouettes and range from ultra-formal to very casual and everything in between. Many high low prom gowns and high low homecoming dresses have a circle skirt with a shorter hem in front, but different designers have found interesting and unique ways to play around with the style. If you are looking for a versatile dress you can wear to many different events, you can find a high low prom dress with a detachable overlay which will transition it to a short dress when removed. There are some with voluminous ruffles that descend into a flowing train, fitted styles with an oversized slit, or even A-line skirts that part to reveal bedazzled rompers underneath.
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Have Fun with Colors and Prints in a Playful High Low Dress for Prom or Homecoming

Since the high low style is so whimsical, designers love to play around with bold prints and bright colors to play off the fun silhouette. If you love a floral print, Sherri Hill and Flair have many styles with flowing high low skirts embellished with delicate floral patterns or made in rich brocade fabrics. There are many shimmering styles made in trendy glitter fabrics or eye-catching sequins that are sure to have all eyes on you. You can find lace dresses that range from delicate and girly to boho chic styles that are sure to stand out. High low homecoming dresses are a great way to show off your wild side, so don’t be shy when it comes to picking patterns or fabrics that will steal the spotlight.

High Low Prom Dresses for Formal or Casual Events

These versatile high low dresses come in many different styles so it is easy to find the perfect dress no matter the occasion. If you are looking for a fashion forward option, Sherri Hill and Rachel Allan have many two-piece high low prom dresses with gorgeous beaded details or ornate lacework. This youthful twist on the silhouette is perfect for prom or other high school dances. These designers also have many plus size high low prom dresses available. If you are looking for something on the more mature side, check out styles from Tarik Ediz for sophisticated gowns perfect for weddings, galas, and more. These gorgeous styles are elegant with just a slight flare of drama, such as eye-catching ruffles, alluring necklines or strappy backs. Whether you are ringing in the new year, celebrating a birthday, or attending a black tie affair, there are styles perfect for any occasion.

Remember to Accessorize your High Low Homecoming Dresses

High low dresses highlight your legs, so make sure you keep this in mind when picking out the perfect pair of heels for the night. If you went with a red high low prom dress, you can showcase blingy gold heels or go with a bold black instead. Blue high low prom dresses go perfectly with strappy silver sandals and dangly earrings to match. If you pick a high low homecoming dress with a solid color and a strapless neckline, you can rock a bold necklace or accessorize with a dazzling belt to add your own unique spin to your dress. Whether you like a no-frills style or like to go all out with ruffles, beads, and applique, it is easy to fall in love with these versatile high low dress styles.