Long 2018 Prom Dresses

Long prom dresses consist of any full length gown style. We carry a huge collection of long prom gowns from some of the best designers like Sherri Hill, Jovani, and Mori Lee. Whether you are searching for the perfect contemporary princess ball gown, ultra sexy tight fitting jersey dress, one of a kind curve accentuating mermaids, or classic and timeless A-line chiffon silhouettes there is a perfect long dress for you.

You can choose from trendy long silhouettes like the raging two-piece to astounding formal pieces that are obviously great for prom but even better for future occasions like a reception or any social occasion. Our modern chic designs come in an array of hues whether dark or light tones that are perfect for any season.  Make your 2018 prom a night to remember with a jaw dropping long prom dress. Order today- we offer returns and exchanges plus price match!


Jovani Dress 55414 $550 Quickview
Sherri Hill Dress 51671 $350 Quickview
Rachel Allan Dress 6179 $478 Quickview
Sherri Hill Dress 51703 $398 Quickview
Sherri Hill Dress 51822 $450 Quickview
Blush Floral Plus A Line Dress 11136 $319 Quickview
Jasz Couture Dress 6222 $398 Quickview
Blush Two Piece Print Dress 11137 $299 Quickview
Gorgeous Long Faviana Dress 7755 $318 Quickview
Sherri Hill Dress 51631 $398 Quickview
Sherri Hill Dress 52022 $340 Quickview
Mori Lee Dress 42048 $690 Quickview
Sherri Hill Dress 51207 $698 Quickview
Mori Lee Dress 42031 $690 Quickview
Mori Lee Dress 42005 $590 Quickview
Mori Lee Dress 42011 $670 Quickview
Mori Lee Dress 42041 $338 Quickview
Sherri Hill Dress 51947 $350 Quickview
Mori Lee Dress 42118 $338 Quickview
Stunning Jovani Dress 5908 $500 Quickview
Sherri Hill Dress 52121 $450 Quickview
Mermaid Two Piece Blush Dress 11224 $438 Quickview
Sexy Navy Beaded Blush Dress 11038 $499 Quickview
Faviana Long Chiffon Dress 7747 $298 Quickview
Mori Lee Dress 42058 $398 Quickview
Sherri Hill Dress 51743 $680 Quickview
Sherri Hill Taffeta Prom Dress 50195 $450 Quickview
Sherri Hill Dress 51934 $698 Quickview
Mori Lee Halter Top Plus Print Dress 99016 $338 Quickview
Mori Lee Dress 42019 $398 Quickview
Blush Dress 5661 $318 Quickview
Long Lace Dress Sherri Hill 51616 $698 Quickview
Sherri Hill Dress 51737 $698 Quickview
Mori Lee Dress 42057 $350 Quickview
Sherri Hill Dress 51192 $698 Quickview
Mori Lee Dress 42128 $398 Quickview
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