Navy Blue Prom Dresses, Navy Prom Gowns & Navy-Blue Homecoming Dresses

Navy blue prom dresses and navy-blue homecoming dresses are highly sought after for a number of reasons. This deep blue tone pairs well with many colors, making it ideal for wedding and quinceañera parties. The color also has an innately cultured aura that gives the wearer a sense of class. This gorgeous color lends itself well to many styles and silhouettes, so no matter the event or location you can find the perfect gown. If you are looking for long navy-blue homecoming dresses, try browsing through A-line styles to find something that is both flattering and charming. If you are searching for your dream prom dress, there are many styles with opulent beads, sequins, and stones that catch the light beautifully as you dance the night away. This color also works perfectly for the holidays. Try a rich jewel toned navy blue long sleeve prom dress that will keep you warm during the winter without sacrificing style.
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Get Creative when Accessorizing Navy Blue Dresses for Prom and Homecoming

Our navy-blue prom dresses offer a versatile color which pairs well with many different shades. To soften this rich hue, pair with pastels like blush pink or soft lilacs. If you want to stand out or add a bright pop of color, try out complimentary colors like orange or yellow. Designers like Mary’s Quinceañera and Vizcaya showcase many ball gowns which are accented with brilliant gold and silver embroidery or bead work, which provide a regal look for your memorable day. Because of the neutral tone of navy-blue homecoming dresses, designers like Sherri Hill and Primavera will often use a navy blue base and embellish it with colorful beaded designs that stand out against the dark background. If you prefer to stick to a fully navy blue prom dress, you can still find gowns with exceptional details such as delicate lace, feathers, or fringe that pair with simple accessories to create a refined look.

Sophisticated Navy Blue Dresses and Gowns Idea for Prom, Homecoming or Any Occasion

Navy blue prom gowns have an air of sophistication to them no matter the silhouette. The color is often seen on uniforms for police or armed forces, so it has an authoritative quality. The color is also associated with the night sky and the deep sea, which adds a bit of peacefulness and calm. If you are looking for a dress for a mother of the bride or groom, many people gravitate towards navy blue prom dresses with sleeves for something that is both comfortable and sleek. Choose from off the shoulder sleeves for an alluring neckline, bell sleeves for a touch of whimsy, or lace sleeves for a romantic effect. Whether you are looking for a short navy-blue homecoming dress or a long gown, this color will provide a chic look that will command attention.

Many Shades of Navy-Blue Prom Dresses and Homecoming Dresses Available

When browsing navy blue prom gowns, you will notice there is still quite a bit of variety with the color, giving you many options for your social occasion. Different designers and fabrics create different hues, from dark navy-blue prom dresses to brilliant shimmering navy with silver undertones. If you are looking for a brighter shade, fabrics such as satin, stretch glitter, or shiny brocades have an illuminating effect that gives the dress extra dimension as well as a lighter appearance. If you prefer dark navy-blue homecoming dresses, fabrics like velvet, jersey, and lace which have less of a sheen will appear darker. This variety of hues makes it easy to find the perfect prom or homecoming dress to compliment your skin tone no matter what your style is.