Fuchsia Prom Dresses

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The color fuchsia is a vivid combination of red, pink, and purple hues named after the flower whose color it resembles. Commonly referred to as magenta, fuchsia prom dresses are all the rage for 2017. Whether you are in search of a simple and timeless full length gown or a fully sequin flashy ensemble, we have an array of fuchsia prom styles that will best suit your personality. If you are looking for something unique, opt for a regal fuchsia satin mermaid with minimal embellishments that will instantly give you that infamous hourglass figure. You can be right on trend but one step above everyone with a fuchsia two-piece dress with beaded lace detailing. If you don't want to deal with the fuss of getting a dress altered, we have numerous short fuchsia dresses to choose, from fit and flare silhouettes to intriguing one shoulder and classic sweetheart neckline minis. Order your fuchsia prom dress today and pay no tax(outside of Illinois)!