2023 Ellie Wilde Dresses

Ellie Wilde prom dresses by Mon Cheri are an incredible collection for any special occasion. This collection ranges from breathtaking prints and vibrant colors for those who love to live on the Wilde side. Modern styles such as high lows, two piece dresses and edgy mermaids are adorned with incredibly detailed rhinestone accents as well as fun ruffles and metallic fabrics to truly make a statement. Celebrity inspired pieces come in a range of rich fabrics such as satin or tulle overlays, giving these dresses a red carpet look. Phenomenal backs feature ruffled trains and keyhole openings, not to mention spectacular beaded illusion back styles.

Not shopping for prom dresses? No problem! Gorgeous mermaids feature dramatic skirts and are adorned with luxurious lace and unique neckline cuts making them ideal evening gowns. Gorgeous chiffon pieces highlight embroidered bodices and lights skirts perfect for weddings. Fun short dresses feature amazing prints and textures that are great for cocktail parties and winter formal. Stand out in the Ellie Wilde collection for your events!

Ellie Wilde Long Dress EW35027 $599
Ellie Wilde Jersey Dress EW35026 $579
Ellie Wilde Back Zipper Dress EW35005 $579
Ellie Wilde Ball Gowns Dress EW35240 $579
Ellie Wilde V Neck Dress EW22036S $318
Ellie Wilde Fitted Dress EW35082 $669
Ellie Wilde Beaded Dress EW34002 $629
Ellie Wilde Jersey Dress EW120012 $545
Ellie Wilde Long Dress EW35701 $599
Ellie Wilde Beaded Dress EW34008 $589
Ellie Wilde Long Dress EW35001 $639
Ellie Wilde Long Dress EW35016 $565
Ellie Wilde Fitted Dress EW35704 $689
Ellie Wilde Sweetheart Dress EW35028 $544
Ellie Wilde A Line Dress EW35703 $699
Ellie Wilde Prom Dress EW34076 $609
Ellie Wilde Beaded Dress EW35234 $499
Ellie Wilde Prom Dress EW34007 $629
Ellie Wilde Fitted Dress EW34034 $609
Ellie Wilde V Neck Dress EW122001 $545
Ellie Wilde Beaded Dress EW34040 $629
Ellie Wilde Long Dress EW122102 $505
Ellie Wilde Long Dress EW35219 $699
Ellie Wilde Fitted Dress EW34058 $545
Ellie Wilde Beaded Dress EW35216 $399
Ellie Wilde Long Dress EW34016 $589
Ellie Wilde Beaded Dress EW35046 $599
Ellie Wilde Jersey Dress EW35032 $599
Ellie Wilde Off The Shoulder Dress EW35220 $599
Ellie Wilde Long Dress EW35073 $599
Ellie Wilde Beaded Dress EW35008 $599
Ellie Wilde Long Dress EW35013 $599
Ellie Wilde Corset Lace Up Dress EW35087 $799
Ellie Wilde Back Zipper Dress EW35029 $544
Ellie Wilde Corset Dress EW35047 $599
Ellie Wilde Corset Lace Up Dress EW35060 $599
Ellie Wilde A Line Dress EW35205 $599
Ellie Wilde Ball Gowns Dress EW35242 $689
Ellie Wilde Corset Lace Up Dress EW35012 $579
Ellie Wilde Long Dress EW35057 $669
Ellie Wilde Corset Dress EW35058 $599
Ellie Wilde Fitted Dress EW35063 $599
Ellie Wilde Open Back Dress EW35221 $579
Ellie Wilde Prom Dress EW34006 $525
Ellie Wilde Long Dress EW34023 $609
Ellie Wilde Fitted Dress EW34005 $689
Ellie Wilde Homecoming Dress EW34029 $589
Ellie Wilde Lace Dress EW34050 $609
Ellie Wilde Fitted Dress EW34088 $565
Ellie Wilde Beaded Dress EW34103 $609

Why Should I Choose an Ellie Wilde Prom Dress?Ellie Wilde dresses are known for have beautiful feminine shapes with trendy details that give them a fun twist. Whether you are searching for a demure gown or an alluring form fitting style, you are sure to find a dress that is perfect for you. Mon Cheri's 2023 Ellie Wilde prom dresses showcase new ideas and fabrics, including gorgeous stretch glitter material and unique ombre effects in shimmering sequins. New styles also include gorgeous applique in swirling gold embroidery and soft flowers which appear to float gently down the flattering gowns.

2023 Ellie Wilde dresses are designed with women in mind. The fitted gowns often showcase strategic belts or cut outs that perfectly compliment your figure, cinching your waist just right and drawing your eye to unique embellishments. From corset style bodices on regal dresses to dramatic over skirts, Ellie Wilde gowns are a flattering choice for any body type. Ellie Wilde prom dresses are also a popular choice for dances and pageants. With a huge selection of short dresses in a variety of fun and youthful styles, these dresses are perfect to wear again and again. Ornate bead work on the long gowns creates an eye catching look that is sure to win over the judges at a pageant, with sophisticated silhouettes and unique patterns that make Ellie Wilde such a sought after brand.