Jersey Prom Dresses

Jersey prom dresses are extremely popular for this coming season. Not only are jersey dresses sexy and fitted, the fabric is soft yet durable making these pieces extremely comfortable and easy to maneuver in. Jersey material allows designers to create flattering and fashion forward pieces without sacrificing comfort, and are great for showing off your natural curves. Whether you want to be regal with a high neckline, sexy with a strappy back, or prefer a simple silhouette without a lot of embellishments, jersey dresses feature different styles that are perfect for you.

If you want a jersey prom dress but fear it will accentuate areas you don't want to, opt for a heavily beaded bodice with simple jersey skirt which will still give you that fitted look while distracting the eye from any insecurities. There are also many short jersey dresses that are perfect for many semi formal occasions such as prom, cocktail parties, or even New Years Eve. Find the jersey dress that is best for you today and be set for an unforgettable night at Peaches Boutique.

Sherri Hill Fitted Dress 55988 $598
Sherri Hill Beaded Dress 56100 $550
Morilee Long Dress 49009 $475
Sherri Hill Beaded Dress 54854 $650
Sherri Hill Fitted Dress 56156 $498
Sherri Hill Beaded Dress 55519 $550
Sherri Hill Beaded Dress 56072 $550
Sherri Hill Jersey Dress 54958 $498
Sherri Hill Homecoming Dress 55924 $598
Sherri Hill Single Shoulder Dress 56174 $598
Sherri Hill Fitted Dress 55923 $550
Sherri Hill Sexy Dress 55504 $598
Sherri Hill Open Back Dress 56071 $550
Sherri Hill Fitted Dress 56006 $598
Sherri Hill Fitted Dress 54401 $450
Sherri Hill Jersey Dress 56314 $450
Ellie Wilde Long Dress EW35027 $599
Sherri Hill Homecoming Dress 55883 $598
Portia and Scarlett Long Dress PS23648 $659
Portia and Scarlett Back Zipper Dress PS24501 $419
Sherri Hill Fitted Dress 56276 $450
Ellie Wilde Jersey Dress EW35026 $579
Morilee Beaded Dress 49012 $475
La Femme Long Dress 31169 $338
Morilee Corset Dress 49035 $549
Morilee Off The Shoulder Dress 49031 $549
Ellie Wilde Jersey Dress EW120012 $545
Sherri Hill Homecoming Dress 55922 $550
Ellie Wilde Sweetheart Dress EW35028 $544
Sherri Hill Strapless Dress 56085 $450
Sherri Hill Jersey Dress 56318 $650
La Femme Long Dress 31945 $478
Portia and Scarlett Long Dress PS24052X $389
La Femme Back Zipper Dress 32264 $378
Sherri Hill Fitted Dress 56189 $650
Morilee Beaded Dress 49058 $429
Sherri Hill Fitted Dress 55992 $550
Morilee Fitted Dress 49030 $429
Sherri Hill Fitted Dress 55335 $450
Morilee Prom Dress 48015 $578
Sherri Hill Long Dress 54848 $498
Sherri Hill Fitted Dress 54948 $498
Rachel Allan Jersey Dress 70279 $558
Ellie Wilde V Neck Dress EW122001 $545
La Femme Corset Dress 32269 $478
Colette Jersey Dress CL5140 $529
La Femme Long Dress 31170 $338
Rachel Allan Corset Dress 70305 $538
Morilee Jersey Dress 48043 $450
Sherri Hill Corset Dress 56090 $450