Jersey Prom Dresses

Jersey prom dresses are extremely popular for this coming 2018, not only are jersey gowns sexy and fitted, the fabric is soft yet durable making these pieces extremely comfortable and easy to maneuver in. Jersey material allows designers to create flattering and fashion forward pieces without sacrificing comfort. Jersey dresses are great for showing off your natural curves. Whether you want to be regal with a high neckline, sexy with a strappy back, or prefer lace appliques over embellishments, jersey prom gowns feature different styles that are perfect for you.

If you want a jersey gown but fear it will accentuate your flaws, opt for a heavily beaded bodice with simple jersey skirt which will still give you that fitted look while distracting the eye from any insecurities. Order the jersey prom gown that is best for you today and be set for an unforgettable night. We offer returns and exchanges plus price match!

Tiffany Long Winter Formal Fitted Dress 46077 $358 Quickview
Tiffany Dress 46114 $299 Quickview
Mori Lee Dress 42020 $398 Quickview
Mori Lee Dress 42118 $338 Quickview
Mori Lee Dress 42089 $450 Quickview
Mori Lee Dress 42135 $350 Quickview
Splash Dress J789 $478 Quickview
Clarisse Dress 4859 $350 Quickview
Panoply Dress 14886 $359 Quickview
Tiffany Dress 46116 $329 Quickview
Two Piece Lace Faviana Dress 7967 $378 Quickview
La Femme Dress 25353 $298 Quickview
Zoey Grey Dress 31261 $358 Quickview
Rachel Allan Dress 6121 $338 Quickview
Mori Lee Dress 42132 $350 Quickview
Rachel Allan Dress 6197 $298 Quickview
Tiffany Dress 46117 $349 Quickview
Jovani Dress 57897 $480 Quickview
Mori Lee Dress 42058 $398 Quickview
Mori Lee Dress 42121 $450 Quickview
Sherri Hill Dress 52042 $398 Quickview
Sherri Hill Dress 51899 $398 Quickview
Mori Lee Dress 42124 $358 Quickview
Splash Dress J786 $498 Quickview
Blush Dress 11531 $298 Quickview
Faviana Dress S10015 $298 Quickview
Splash Dress J527 $338 Quickview
Faviana Strapless Long Dress S7907 $398 Quickview
La Femme Dress 25421 $298 Quickview
Blush Dress 11564 $398 Quickview
Tiffany Dress 16282 $319 Quickview
Intrigue by Blush Dress 436 $330 Quickview
Tiffany Dress 46129 $339 Quickview
Faviana Dress S10162 $198 Quickview
Sherri Hill Dress 51876 $378 Quickview
Rachel Allan Dress 4428 $498 Quickview
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