Orange Prom and Homecoming Dresses 2024

Tired of all those pinks, blues, and greens and want something refreshing and unexpected? Our orange prom dresses exude cheerfulness and effortless charm! An orange prom gown is not the usual shade to wear to such an occasion - all the more reason to choose an orange dress for prom. If you want a fun and unique way to stand out, the eye-catching shades of our orange prom outfits will effortlessly do it for you.

Jasz Couture Corset Lace Up Dress 7531 $548
Jasz Couture Corset Dress 7503 $438
Sherri Hill Jersey Dress 56179 $650
Ellie Wilde Fitted Dress EW34034 $609
Portia and Scarlett Long Dress PS23521 $439
JVN by Jovani V Neck Dress JVN22578 $462
Clarisse Back Zipper Dress 810824 $350
Sherri Hill Short Dress 56113 $498
Sherri Hill Beaded Dress 55991 $450
JVN by Jovani Sweetheart Dress JVN38429 $350
Jovani Long Dress 08256 $620
Alyce Back Zipper Dress 61549 $398
Ellie Wilde Beaded Dress EW35234 $499
La Femme Sweetheart Dress 32262 $378
La Femme V Neck Dress 32427 $598
La Femme Back Zipper Dress 32314 $498
JVN by Jovani Long Sleeve Dress JVN38106 $438
JVN by Jovani Long Dress JVN08587 $550
Alyce Back Zipper Dress 61550 $468
Jovani Open Back Dress 23688 $525
Jovani Back Zipper Dress 24613 $830
Jovani Open Back Dress 25800 $808
Jovani V Neck Dress 27804 $945
Jovani Off The Shoulder Dress 34395 $638
Jovani Long Dress 36370 $735
Jovani Fitted Dress 38300 $620
Jovani Back Zipper Dress 38528 $714
Tarik Ediz Sweetheart Dress 53128 $1,098
Tarik Ediz Long Dress 53156 $924
Tarik Ediz V Neck Dress 98469 $1,958
Tarik Ediz Fitted Dress 98478 $1,452
Tarik Ediz Jersey Dress 98485 $1,078
Tarik Ediz V Neck Dress 98489 $1,804
Tarik Ediz Long Sleeve Dress 98537 $1,518
Tarik Ediz Sweetheart Dress 98567 $2,090
Colette Back Zipper Dress CL5135 $499
Jasz Couture Beaded Dress 7555 $504
Ellie Wilde Beaded Dress EW35007 $565
Ellie Wilde Beaded Dress EW35080 $699
Ellie Wilde Long Dress EW35109 $599
Ellie Wilde Fitted Dress EW35235 $399
Panoply Long Dress 14165 $490
Clarisse Corset Lace Up Dress 810703 $363
Clarisse Strapless Dress 810924 $451
Alyce V Neck Dress 84003 $239
Jovani Short Fitted Dress 37110 $395
Jovani Short Fitted Dress 36713 $525
Jovani Short Dress 36698 $505
Tarik Ediz Strapless Dress 53098 $878
Tarik Ediz Long Dress 53155 $858

Superb Orange Prom Dress Collection That Tells Everyone Orange is the New Black for 2024!

Not to say that an orange prom dress has never been popular; the color has seen a resurgence in recent years, yet prom orange dresses are often passed up in favor of more traditional, feminine, or fierce colors. With the right shade, you in one of our cute orange prom dresses would be a pleasant surprise in a sea of predictable colors. If you don’t mind turning heads, choose an orange dress for prom.

You can find all the best options in one place! Peaches Boutique offers the finest collection, from orange sparkly prom dress choices to various orange silk prom dress styles. And while orange is perfect for warm skin tones, we have muted shades of orange prom outfits to suit pale skin. When it comes to the sizes of our orange prom dresses, plus size to petite ladies, we have myriads of options to choose from.

Over 300 Designer Orange Prom Dresses in Stock to Buy Online at Peaches Boutique

Check out our amazing selection of orange prom dresses, perfect for the witty, optimistic, and spontaneous young lady such as yourself, with hundreds of styles to choose from, including a playful orange two-piece prom dress, a feminine and flirty orange lace prom dress, or a luxurious orange silk prom dress, all of which you can easily buy online here at Peaches Boutique. You won’t need to spend precious time heading over to different prom dress stores.

Our vibrant orange prom dresses denote warmth and friendliness; if those qualities speak of you, then you won’t run out of orange long sleeve prom dresses at Peaches Boutique. Being the result of combined red and yellow, the color shows power and positivity, personified in our orange strapless prom dress styles. If you want to embody outdoor elements such as fire and autumn leaves, wear our orange one-shoulder prom dress.

Wide Selection of Different Styles, From Extravagant Orange Mermaid Prom Dresses to Simple Orange Short Prom Dress Styles

Want to be extravagant? Be spoilt for choice with the elaborate styles of our orange mermaid prom dresses. Luxurious materials from fabrics to embellishments come with our mermaid orange prom dresses, providing spirited elegance not often found in most dresses. If you want simplicity, go for our orange short prom dress options in bright shades that offer a burst of youthfulness. A wide range of prom orange dresses is waiting for you at Peaches Boutique.

Orange is a fun color to wear and quite refreshing to see at prom, where the usual primary and metallic colors are worn. Our orange mermaid prom dresses emphasize your bright personality, bringing energy and positivity to any space. Not comfortable with mermaid orange prom dresses, and do you prefer your orange prom dress short? Our selection at Peaches Boutique won’t fail you, whether you want orange prom dresses plus size or a smaller size.

Wear a Unique Orange Sequin Prom Dress Creation from Peaches Boutique and Feel Like a Million Dollars!

An orange sequin prom dress is for the girl who dares to stand out. Orange is already a charismatic color, and a sparkly orange prom dress would make you shine even brighter. Sparkles will always grab attention, which is why an orange sequin prom dress will always have a place at prom. But an orange sparkly prom dress can be tricky, which is why only a few brave souls dare to wear it.

Fret not, as each orange sparkly prom dress is handmade by the world's biggest brands that know how to use sequins to transform any ordinary dress into something extraordinary. Sometimes embellishing an orange lace prom dress, the sequins on the sparkly orange prom dress give you that luxurious look. Whether you want fully sequined or just an orange two-piece prom dress with sequin trimmings, no one will be able to ignore you on the dance floor. Remember, we also have thousands of dresses in different colors and styles, such as stylish hot pink sequin prom dress designs, red carpet-suited gold short prom dresses, and mysterious long sleeve maroon prom dress styles.

Whatever Your Body Type, We Have the Ideal Orange Long Prom Dress and Orange Short Prom Dress Styles for You!

Looking for a special dress that flatters your figure? Come to Peaches Boutique. We have options for those who want orange prom dresses plus size and for those looking for orange prom dresses designed for smaller frames. Those wanting their orange prom dress short and those searching for an orange long prom dress will be pleased to know we have them in every body shape and style.

For something that highlights your wonderful personality, check out our assortment of orange satin prom dresses and gowns in other fabrics. Dazzle and look expensive with the well-executed cuts of our orange one-shoulder prom dress or the fine detailing, from beads to sequins to applique, embellishing, or encrusting our orange strapless prom dress. Sizzle the night away with our orange long sleeve prom dresses. Find them all here at Peaches Boutique.

Orange Prom Dress FAQs

Do you sell neon orange prom dresses?

Peaches Boutique is the best place to look for a neon orange prom dress. Not only a neon orange prom dress, but any shade of orange. Prom dresses of every style - from a full gown to an orange two-piece prom dress - and every shade, from light orange prom dress choices to different versions of a dark orange prom dress, have been curated from esteemed design houses all over the world. Our light orange prom dress selection includes our pastel orange prom dress. We also offer an assortment of sunset orange prom dresses. In our dark orange prom dress collection, among the popular ones is our rust orange prom dress. Peaches Boutique’s cute orange prom dresses come with detailing that will take your look up another notch. Our orange dresses for prom will put the spotlight on the most beautiful version of you on that special night. Your peers wouldn’t get enough of the glowing vision of you in the most exquisite orange dress for prom.

Is a bright orange prom dress too loud for prom night?

Any shade of orange prom dress that complements your skin would be a great choice. A bright orange prom dress shows the vivacity, which is always welcome on an occasion as special as prom night. Like a bold statement piece, the vibrant bright orange prom dress is designed to captivate. If you don’t mind being the center of attention, the bright shades of orange prom dresses would suit you well. Want to tone it down a bit? Go for the paler light orange prom dress, such as one of our sunset orange prom dresses, or choose from our pastel orange prom dress selection. You can also go dark with our rust-orange prom dress. If choosing from a wide range of gorgeous orange prom dresses is proving to be quite a challenge, come to Peaches Boutique. Our staff would be happy to help you.

Are orange dresses for prom popular in 2024?

The selection of orange prom dresses at Peaches Boutique offers some of the best shades to make a lasting impression at prom this year, from the most stylish orange prom gown to a simpler yet still elegant orange satin prom dress. Bright colors have made a resurgence, emerging at the top of the popularity rank, and orange prom dresses are no exception. From the bleak and dreary years when normalcy took a halt due to the pandemic when celebrations felt like a crime, it's now time to reward ourselves and revel in this occasion in the brightest way possible. And what better way than to wear a light orange prom dress? If you are not one to shy away from stand-out colors, now’s the perfect time for you to wear a light orange prom dress. However, if you find the eye-catching shades of orange prom dresses too much, choices such as a pastel orange prom dress are also on trend. Nothing wrong with wanting a modest orange dress, prom wear at our store has a wide range for conservative young ladies. Apart from the muted versions, you can also wear a dark orange prom dress. The selection of mermaid orange prom dresses at Peaches Boutique includes a rust orange prom dress.

What designer orange long prom dress brands do you sell?

For those looking for floor-length orange prom outfits, Peaches Boutique’s assortment of long orange prom dresses comes from globally recognized brands Sherri Hill, Portia and Scarlett, Jovani, Morilee, Alyce Paris, and Jasz Couture, among others. Check out our store to see all the brands of orange prom dresses we have in stock. Whatever orange dress prom style you’re going for, whether it be an extravagant sparkly orange prom dress, a unique and nontraditional orange two-piece prom dress, or an ultra-feminine light orange prom dress, Peaches Boutique would be happy to help you choose from our variety of orange dresses for prom. Our designer short prom orange dresses are also worth checking. Drop by our store and see what our orange dress prom 2024 collection has in store for you.