Winter Formal Dresses

The country’s top winter ball dress shop is one place that brings you exactly what’s needed for winter celebrations. Our winter formal dresses 2023 collection includes Christmas ball gown styles for every dress code, so you can look hot and keep the cold at bay! The perfect winter formal dress is like a story that allows you to become whoever suits your fancy, and Peaches Boutique’s winter ball dresses can help make that a reality.


Make Sure This Winter Ball is Special with Our Collection of Winter Formal Dress Styles From the Top Designers

Excitement is growing for the coming season, and it’s time to take a look at winter formal dresses. As these can be the days of our lives, we remember forever, choose to shine in one of our signature winter ball gowns or our sophisticated long sleeve winter formal dress selection. The sky's the limit here at Peaches Boutique, with creations from Primavera, Morilee, La Femme, Rachel Allan, Faviana, Christina Wu, and Sherri Hill, among many others. Whether you prefer your winter formal dress short, or long, we have you covered! For 35 years, our dress shop has been weaving the magic you deserve in a winter formal dress and has been providing you with endless options in the form of winter ball dresses.

Peaches Unique Line of Winter Ball Gowns and Winter Formal Dresses

Winter is a magical time of year, so be as beautiful as the driven snow in our breathtaking winter ball gowns. It's your time to shine and take the spotlight with one of our cute winter formal dresses or take an elegant spin in a long winter formal dress. While that music is pumping and you're having the time of your life, the Peaches Boutique winter ball dress you choose will undoubtedly be memorable. Your experience is important to us. After all, there is no time like high school. We are passionate about winter formal dresses, and you will undoubtedly feel that hitting the dance floor in one of our black winter formal dresses. Black, not your jam? Go for one of our winter formal dresses in other colors: white, green, and gold.

Authentic Short Winter Formal Dresses for your Holiday Party

Whatever the occasion, we have you covered for your holiday party attire. Not all parties are formal at the end of the day. Feel like cutting loose? Then our line of satin and lace dresses is for you! Lace, not your thing? Perhaps a long-sleeved, floor-length dress is the perfect fit. Want a sweetheart neckline on short winter formal dresses? Peaches Boutique offers a wide range of short winter ball dresses with different necklines. Whether you want your winter formal dresses short or long, you will get what you need to make a lasting impression.

Get Expedited Shipping on your Winter Formal Dress & Winter Ball Gown Dresses

Order the hottest fashions of 2023 today on any of our items, such as our signature winter ball gown, fun holiday party dresses, cute winter formal dresses, or any of our formal dress options. Spice up your special night and show up in cutting-edge style with one of Peaches Boutique's dresses. We have everything you need when it comes to your winter formal dress.

A Huge Variety of Christmas Ball Gown Dresses

The holiday season is always a great time to dress up. Whether or not your holiday season is filled with parties, there’s always a piece you can wear from Peaches Boutique’s collection of Christmas ball gown dresses that will help you express yourself to the world however you see fit. Feeling good is a state of mind, and winter dance dresses aren't only for parties. After all, you are the party. Next time you head out on the town and meet up with friends for a winter formal dance, keep it fresh with a designer Christmas ball dress from Peaches Boutique.

Set the Tone for Your Spring with One of Our Winter Ball Semi Formal Dresses

Get a jump on the coming semester with a fun new look at the winter dance. Shopping for the best winter semi formal dresses is exciting! We take out the stress from the search for cute winter dance dresses and add in a dash of fun. This is your chance to be ahead of the crowd and be a trendsetter. The winter formal doesn't have to be all rules, and no play, one of our semi formal winter ball dresses will set you apart from the rest. From color to the design, length to style, it's all at your fingertips! You can pick and choose from Peaches Boutique’s gallery of fresh designs, fabrics, and cuts - all at your convenience. You only live once, so why not live your youth to the fullest, exactly how you want it. Hit that red carpet like the star you are in the fashion you desire with our fabulous range of Christmas ball dresses. 

Your Perfect Winter Formal Dress Crafted By the Best Designer in the Industry

Beauty isn't reserved for Hollywood stars and jet-setters. Take a look at our A list designers and their fantastic art showcased in this fabulous winter formal dress 2023 collection- you are both their canvas and subject, should you choose. We are dedicated to making your experience memorable through looks our winter formal dresses 2023 selection can inspire. We have a stable of the best possible designers to meet your price range. Be it the big day, a winter ball dress, or a nice little number to hit the town, our designers can meet your wants and desires every time. We specialize in sourcing the best designer winter formal outfits that can make you shine on your special night the way you deserve. Original, cute and fresh creations straight from the artist to you! Just like choosing the most suitable formal dresses for winter ball, we are particular about the designers we decide to work with to ensure the best possible result for our clients. At Peaches Boutique, you can pick winter formal wear for ladies that truly fits your individual style. You are uniquely you, and the winter formal outfits you wear should reflect that in every way.

Make a Lasting Impression With Our High School Winter Formal Dresses

Add some sizzle to the season with our selection of winter formal outfits for ladies, from stylish winter homecoming dresses to stunning prom gowns. We know how special this time in your life is; there is no time quite like high school. Winter formal dresses are no exception, and it’s important to seize the moment with the perfect match for who you are. Don't settle for anything less than spectacular winter prom dresses. Leave your mark on this rare occasion. Go for something bold, catchy, and unforgettable, such as a red winter ball gown from Peaches Boutique.

Why wait? Get in Touch with Peaches Boutique Today

Our staff is ready to help you turn your dream look into reality with a winter ball dress that’s perfect for you. Don’t hesitate to get the big night in order just the way you want with one of our winter evening gowns. Dazzle as you step out of the limo on your way to the winter dance with a truly distinctive style that Peaches Boutique’s winter semi formal dresses are known for. Celebrate your individuality and capture the magic as you dance the night away with confidence in a stunning designer dress. Contact us today! Whatever your preference, style, we make it worth your while. Please also remember that we have a huge number of unique  prom dresses and unforgettable homecoming dresses for when you attend your school’s other main events throughout the year. 

Heat up the Season in Classic Fashion with Our Winter Formal Dresses & Winter Ball Gowns

Sometimes the best statement isn’t a vision of the future or a swath of the present but a glance at the past. The pendulum always swings when it comes to style. In 2000, the new sheik was like a trip in a time machine to the 1970s. The same can be true anywhere on a timeline. The past speaks volumes in the world of formal dress and attire, including winter ball outfits. Some designs of winter ball gown dresses are simply timeless, and our extensive selection of winter ball gowns can be just the answer for your special occasion. Classic or cutting edge, short or long, lace or traditional - the perfect winter ball dresses are all just a click away. Fast, easy, and top-notch quality is our ethos. You aren't waiting for the party. The party is waiting for you, so grab all the attention and arrive in one of our cute winter ball dresses!

Winter Formal Dress FAQs

What styles are winter formal dresses to wear to a winter ball?

Winter ball dress styles are just as varied as the events themselves. There is no one ‘right’ style for a Winterfest dress as each person’s preference can differ significantly, but popular styles for winter formals include floor-length gowns like most winter prom dresses. We also offer winter homecoming dresses in heavier fabrics like velvet. You can find them all at Peaches Boutique.

What is winter formal attire?

The winter formal dress code typically dictates what is appropriate for winter formal attire. We highly recommend checking it with your host before purchasing a dress. Those who don't want to go down the usual route of long formal gowns and want their winter formal dresses short. We have all sorts of winter formal dresses. Long sleeves are often in demand, but we also have short sleeves, sleeveless and strapless ones waiting for you at our shop.

How does winter formal work?

Winter formal is typically a dance hosted by a school, often in the winter or early spring months. It generally is for high school students only. When it comes to winter ball dresses, short ones are becoming increasingly popular, albeit winter formal dance dresses ranging from high-low hem styles to lace dresses with long sleeves continue to be favored as well.

What do you wear to a winter formal?

Women often go for winter ball dresses that make them look sharp, but not like they're trying too hard, something that will keep them warm but won't make them sweat. When picking out winter formal dresses, long sleeves are usually the top choice, offered in various styles, fabrics, sleeve lengths, and hemline lengths. It doesn’t mean that long hemlines are the only way to go for winter ball dresses. While they are preferred, you can find short dresses. Check out the winter formal and Christmas ball dress options we have here at Peaches Boutique.