2024 Beaded Prom Dresses and Prom Gowns

Beaded dresses are a great way to show off your figure with form fitting dresses that range from fun to sophisticated. You can choose from entirely sequin dresses with thigh-high slits to completely embellished gowns with miniature beads and stones. Characteristically long and slim, beaded gowns showcase a high neckline with an intriguing strappy or keyhole open back. While a lot of beaded dresses are made in neutral metallic colors, plenty of designers have come out with bold jewel tones to choose from as well.

If you like all the sparkle but think fully beaded prom dresses are too much, you can opt for a short beaded dress that is not only great for after prom but ideal for holiday events like New Year’s Eve. You can pick from fully sequined two-piece short dresses to unique one shoulder necklines to fully long sleeved minis.

Rachel Allan Beaded Dress 70518 $678
Jasz Couture Beaded Dress 7413 $548
Primavera Beaded Dress 3290 $375
Alyce Fitted Dress 61186 $368
Morilee Beaded Dress 49034 $649
Portia and Scarlett Corset Dress PS24694 $629
Portia and Scarlett Corset Dress PS24942 $839
Sherri Hill Sexy Dress 55458 $750
Sherri Hill Beaded Dress 56072 $550
Sherri Hill Short Beaded Dress 54407 $698
Sherri Hill Long Dress 55457 $998
Sherri Hill Open Back Dress 55484 $398
Morilee Corset Dress 48069 $392
Portia and Scarlett V Neck Dress PS24100 $549
Clarisse Back Zipper Dress 810701 $416
Portia and Scarlett Strapless Dress PS24850C $839
Sherri Hill Fitted Dress 56101 $498
Sherri Hill Beaded Dress 56162 $550
Sherri Hill Corset Lace Up Dress 54275 $498
Sherri Hill Fitted Dress 56059 $550
Sherri Hill Long Dress 56316 $650
Sherri Hill Prom Dress 55500 $850
Sherri Hill Beaded Dress 55519 $550
Rachel Allan Corset Lace Up Dress 70002 $598
Sherri Hill Fitted Dress 55988 $598
Sherri Hill Fitted Dress 54912 $850
Morilee Long Dress 49047 $649
Morilee Back Zipper Dress 49049 $649
Portia and Scarlett Back Zipper Dress PS24503 $839
Morilee Open Back Dress 49037 $429
Morilee Satin Dress 49038 $495
Morilee Strapless Dress 49002 $649
Portia and Scarlett V Neck Dress PS21228 $659
Vizcaya Exclusive for Peaches Quinceanera Gown PH1001SP $998
Morilee Fitted Dress 49032 $385
Sherri Hill Beaded Dress 56100 $550
Sherri Hill Homecoming Dress 55832 $698
Morilee Long Dress 49044 $475
Morilee Beaded Dress 49040 $625
Morilee Corset Dress 49050 $495
Sherri Hill Beaded Dress 54854 $650
Sherri Hill Fitted Dress 54401 $450
Sherri Hill Fitted Dress 56156 $498
Sherri Hill Halter Dress 56135 $450
Portia and Scarlett Long Dress PS23648 $659
Morilee Beaded Dress 47002 $518
Sherri Hill Fitted Dress 52338 $698
Portia and Scarlett Corset Dress PS24684 $529
Morilee Long Dress 49001 $495
Sherri Hill Long Dress 55467 $698